“The thing I enjoy the most is spending time with my kids.”


Kirk Kessel ran a landscaping business in high school, started flying at 14 and got his pilot’s license at 16, before he got his driver’s license. His love of flying brought him from Miami to study at Florida Institute of Technology, but he had another destiny.

Kessel’s landscaping business brought him in contact with a mentor who got him into a profitable job selling real estate at 19. “I love it!” he told his dad then, and at 50, he feels the same way. “It’s all stuff that I just love. I love it. It’s my hobby.” When he travels, he always checks out real estate at his destination.

The single dad’s other passion is spending time with his daughter, 8, and son, 10. They bicycle, go camping in the North Carolina mountains and travel the globe.

“I love to create the memories,” he says. “We’ve been pretty much all over the world.”

He also supports Candlelighters and other causes for children, through the Maxx W. Kessel Foundation, named for a son he lost at birth.

“I just love spending time with my children,” Kessel says. “We’re really involved in our church.  The thing I enjoy the most is spending time with my kids.”