You might recognize Dr. Marja Sprock from her magazine and billboard ads. “People feel like they know me,” Sprock commented. In 2008, she moved to Brevard County and joined a local practice and then decided to open her own practice in Rockledge in March of 2010 called Central Florida UroGynecology. Sprock reflected, “Starting your own business is a great experience but you have to be willing to put in a lot of work. You have to have a vision of what you want to achieve, and over time you might change that vision or set higher goals for yourself.”

Originally from Holland, Sprock attended medical school at Leiden University in The Netherlands. She followed her then boyfriend (now husband of 22 years) to Michigan, where he worked as a physical therapist. Sprock received her residency training in obstetrics and gynecology at the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit where she credits Dr. David Richardson as her biggest mentor. She continued to work there in OB/GYN for over a decade.

 A unique approach

Patient care was Sprock’s number one goal when she opened her doors for business. “I wanted academic level care in a private setting, a place where patients felt comfortable, respected and knew they had options,” said Sprock. Her practice, Central Florida UroGynecology, offers a consultative approach to treating clients with options ranging from conservative to cutting edge technology, depending on the patient needs. Sprock also has an expertise in vaginal and laparoscopic surgery and has developed several grafts for surgical prolapse repair as well as slings for incontinence. Central Florida UroGynecology provides care for adult women with urinary, fecal or gynecologic problems. Cosmetic surgery procedures have become increasingly popular as patients are educated on available services. According to Sprock, being a female physician has been one of the great-est advantages in understanding and finding solutions to her patients’ problems. There is not a typical patient, with women ranging in age from 16 to 97.

Growing the business

Being a business owner has been very rewarding, especially in Florida’s wonderful climate. However, Sprock explained, “You can’t take the week off and expect quality results!”Because Sprock has only been in Brevard County for two years, it has taken her some time to get to know people. After living in Detroit for so long, she reflected, “I had to get used to not knowing every-one. There were so many new faces!” Fortunately, her reputation has spread and her business has grown. Her office employs a staff of seven and in 2011 generated over $1.5 million.

Making patients comfortable through communication

As a physician, Sprock likes to focus on the positive aspects of her work and patients. Naturally with her specialty, most women are uncomfortable talking about it. In response, she has provided a great deal of information on procedures and patient out-comes on her website. In her free time, Sprock swims Monday – Friday and has competed in several triathlons; she would play tennis if she had more time. Sprock and her husband have four children ranging in age from 9-16 and is a self-proclaimed cheerleader for their interests. Tristain (16) wants to go into politics, twins (12) Trevor and Egan share a love for cross country, and her youngest, Anique (9), plays tennis. When asked how she gets it all done, she commented, “I don’t sleep a lot; I can’t sit down!”Sprock feels fortunate to live in Brevard County. She posed the question, “What’s not to like?” The people are nice, she enjoys her commute and loves the ocean. With hopes to buy a bigger building and hire another partner by 2013, Sprock remains optimistic for Central Florida UroGynecology’s future.