Erik Johnson

You look in the mirror and know exactly which areas of Your body you want to improve. with fervor, You join a gym or hire  a personal trainer to help You make these improvements. some time into Your contract, You begin to lose motivation – perhaps because You’re not getting the support You need to achieve Your desired results. You quit.

it’s a story that many people can relate to, and one that Adam Dickenson, owner of Control Results, wants to change.“We start by asking the question, ‘What can I do for you?’” says Adam of his company’s approach. “We make sure our clients get what they pay for.” According to Adam, personal training is about mutual dedication between the personal trainer and client, and of course, delivery of results. “I won’t tell a client I can deliver a certain result if I can’t … And I won’t accept a client’s money if I’m not certain we are both going to put in the work.”

Adam Dickenson

Adam, who has a background in personal training and management of large-scale fitness studios, says he started Control Results because he wanted to “do things his way.” So, in October 2009, he launched the business literally out of the trunk of his car. With the financial help of his grandmother, a few months later he was able to expand into a warehouse and purchase equipment. By March 2011, he moved Control Results into its current Viera location, and then later that year, opened a second location in Indian Harbour Beach. Today, in addition to Adam, Control Results’ management staff consists of Miranda Dickenson, Adam’s wife who is a physical therapist; and Erik Johnson, Control Results’ Viera fitness studio’s manager. While all managers work directly with clients, multiple other personal trainers – all of who are degreed and highly driven – are also on staff. “I’m very particular of the people who join our team,” says Adam, adding that oftentimes personal trainers are recruited from other parts of the country. “Everyone has to be as good or better than I am.”



Control Results is known for working with clients who have specific weight-loss and toning goals, clients who are athletes needing sports conditioning training, clients who are preparing for body-building and other fitness contests, and clients who require physical therapy to help recover from a personal injury. In addition to one-on-one attention, personal trainers also work with couples and groups.“We train all ages. We have clients from 9 to 89,” says Adam, adding that the company offers “full programming” online training as well. “People who come to us are often stuck in a rut, need motivation and want to be inspired.”Above all, however, these people must be dedicated. In fact, Control

Results won’t accept clients who can’t set aside at least one hour, two days a week to personal training. And to ensure progress is being made, two-to-three times per week, personal trainers are required to take each client’s measurements and report these measurements to management.


What separates Control Results the most though is the personal connections that clients experience. Adam is available to his clients virtually 24 hours per day, seven days a week through unlimited text messages. “All of my clients have my personal number to send me text messages when they need to. Sometimes clients will text me for motivation in between sessions because they’ve gained three pounds, sometimes they’ll text me because they’re eating at a restaurant and want suggestions on what to order, and sometimes they’ll text me pictures of a chicken.”

While that last one may seem a bit odd to an outsider, to the clients and staff of Control Results, it’s an inside joke that stems from the fact that the company’s personal trainers and registered dietician often encourage clients to eat a lot of chicken dishes. In fact, clients can oftentimes be found wearing somewhat “badge of honor” t-shirts that read, “I Sweat Chicken.”

“Eighty percent of results happen outside the doors of the gym,” explains Adam. “Our clients need to know that we’re here to help them reach their goals, even when we’re not physically with them.”

And it’s not only the personal trainer-client relationship that is fostered at Control Results. Because both the Viera and Indian Harbour Beach fitness studios are intimate in comparison to many other fitness studios, clients become friends as well. It’s these personal connections that not only helps them stay enthusiastic, but also helps them hold each other accountable.

And although personal trainers work with clients at all fitness levels – from beginners to fitness fanatics – Adam is quick to point out that Control Results, “does not do ‘skinny’ and does not do ‘buff.’“At the end of the day, personal results are based on your answers to the questions, ‘How do I look?’ and ‘How do I feel?’” he says. “That’s what matters.”

Control Results operates two locations on the Space Coast. Visit the Viera location at 7720 N. Wickham Road, Suite 116, or visit the Indian Harbour Beach location at 216 E. Eau Gallie Blvd. For more information, call  (321) 610-4534 or go to