Father-daughter time is special. Make some memories she’ll never forget with these simple but unforgettable activities.

1. Go on a date: 

That’s right, put your best tie on and let her pick out her favorite dress! Show her exactly how a true gentleman behaves — opening her door and everything — whether that’s for a trip out to dinner or to the ice cream parlor.

2. Share a special memory from your own childhood:

If you live in the same city that you grew up, take her on a tour to all your favorite spots that you spent time and loved as a child. If you don’t live there anymore, you can still spend the day sharing the things you enjoyed as a kid, whether that was swinging as high as you could on the swingsets at the park or eating orange flavored popsicles from the convenience store.

3. Share your hobby: 

If you like to play guitar, work on cars, shoot hoops at the courts, play video games or have some other hobby, why not spend time sharing that together? It’s great for girls to see their Dad’s talents in action — and they’ll love and admire you for it and likely want to do the same thing, too.

4. Find somewhere to volunteer: 

No matter what you’re doing, your daughter will love spending time with you and working together for a good cause could be the perfect place to learn, grow and share time with each other in an impacting and valuable way.

5. Build something together: 

There’s no better way to spend one-on-one time together than by working on a project. Every other Saturday Lowe’s offers free classes to take in your kids to build a wooden project. You can check out the Build and Grow schedule online at www.LowesBuildandGrow.com/pages/default.aspx. If there’s not a Lowe’s near you, just build something together in your backyard!