We realize that you, as the reader, need to be on the up-and-up when it comes to caring for your animals on the Space Coast. With his debut last month and friendly tips this month, Cooper’s Corner will now house insightful information for your furry friend. 

With the peak of hurricane season upon us, everyone knows the importance of taking all necessary precautions to keep loved ones safe. Pets aren’t any different. The SPCA of North Brevard is just one of many organizations that offer helpful tips and recommendations of actions to take during storms. 

Always leash your pet 

Keep your pet safe, especially after a storm, since animals tend to wander off in confusion or on a new scent. Power lines could be down, hazardous wastes could be in standing water, and so on. Remember, if it’s not safe for you to go outside, it isn’t for your pet. 


Evacuation hurdles 

Some people think it’s ok to leave their pet at home when they have to evacuate. If your house isn’t a safe place to stay, it won’t be for your pet either. It can be difficult traveling or evacuating to a shelter with an animal, but research the shelters nearby that allow pets. Some veterinary offices will board pets for a fee, as well, while other organizations such as K9 Kampus open their doors for pets to rest safely, if they are up to date on vaccinations. Be sure to look into the different alternatives and review their policies. 

Prepare before the storm 

If there’s time to prepare before the weather gets nasty, do so. Keep several weeks of food and water for your pets on hand. Be sure to have collars, leashes, tags, carriers, toys and the like nearby. Never leave your pet outdoors. Remember, storms can cause stress and anxiety for your pets, so keep them calm and apart from others that may upset them (e.g., cats vs. dogs). ◆