Protecting Your Home’s Exterior from the Florida Elements

Florida’s elements are hard on a home’s exterior. If it is time for new paint or you’re worried about water leaks into your home, it is best to seek the help of a professional. Painting the exterior is not like the dining room or bedroom.

When it comes to painting the outside of your home, there is a lot more work involved. If water leaks penetrate into the home, it could cause mold and ruin walls and interior trim work, causing thousands of dollars in damage. A home that is maintained with a top quality waterproofing sealer and premium grade paint will ensure there is no water intrusion to their interior and a typical paint job lasts approximately seven years.

That’s why Atlantic Coast Painting always pressure cleans the entire home, caulks all voids, windows and doors. They address any failing stucco or wood trim and then they apply a waterproofing sealer and two coats of premium grade exterior coating.

“We are a Christian company and a military family,” said owner Carole Hoover.

“Our business has been in Brevard County since 2006. We use experienced, uniformed, clean and neat professionals.”

Experience matters in everything, but this is especially true with exterior painting companies. Atlantic Coast Painting has more than 25 years of combined experience between the owners. They also offer complimentary color consultations to help you figure out which paints are best for your specific needs.

Choosing a Company to Paint Your Home’s Exterior? Here are 10 Important Questions to Ask

  1. How many people will work at the house and for how many days?
  2. Is the painter licensed and insured?
  3. How much experience does each painter have?
  4. What brand of paint will be used?  What specific grade level of paint will be used? All manufacturers have many grades of paint.
  5. Will the surfaces be primed before painting?
  6. How many coats will be applied?
  7. Is estimate all-inclusive or could there be additional charges for other/extra work?
  8. How will trash and old paint be disposed?
  9. How will house be cleaned prior to painting?
  10. What are the payment arrangements?

Atlantic Coast Painting strives to exceed the expectations of each and every customer by using the highest quality products and through attention to detail. Atlantic Coast Painting also offers interior painting, cleaning/coating of clay tile and metal roofs, cabinet refinishing, high performance epoxy coatings for garages and concrete floors, pool deck staining and pressure washing. Complimentary color consultations and estimates. Client satisfaction is guaranteed. For more information, visit