Even before February begins, the shelves of every store are filled with the unavoidable hallmarks of Valentine’s Day: chocolates, roses, and countless teddy bears holding embroidered hearts. Despite their widespread popularity, gifts like these typically only last as long as the holiday itself. A day meant to commemorate the love in our lives should lend itself to more thoughtful gift giving, so instead of falling prey to the typical last-minute scramble for the perfect present, consider another Valentine’s Day tradition: jewelry. Personal, timeless, and unique, everyone loves getting a gift that is beautiful and adds a new facet to their
love story.

It can be a daunting task to find the right piece for your giftee. With all of the options available, the prospect of finding the best one might scare some away from the idea altogether. Jeweler Peter Indorf, of Peter Indorf Designs, has been designing, creating, and selling jewelry since the 1970s, and, with 45 Valentine’s Days under his belt, has helped countless people choose or create the perfect gifts for their loved ones. When doing your Valentine’s Day shopping, he suggests a simple pendant necklace or eye-catching ring. For those looking to gift a unique piece for your valentine, Indorf specializes in customizations; sometimes recycling gemstones from older, never worn heirlooms into a new piece, engraving, or working directly with clients to design the piece. 


Medina(Emerald band) $2,995

Tatiana (Sapphire band) $750

Vivian (Sapphire, Emerald Ring) $9,975

Left Hand (Marquise Diamond) $7,995


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