The Children’s Hunger Project has expanded to more than 1,500 local children each week. Each child will receive a package of food items specially developed with the cooperation of Brevard Public Schools’ nutritionists. The package of food empowers a child to have some control over their weekend nutrition and food intake no matter the family circumstances.


According to the organization’s board chair, Larry Ciaccia, “This is a wonderful milestone for our charity. It reflects the passion of our volunteers and the increased generosity of our supporters.”


The children receiving the food packages are at 36 different elementary schools in Brevard County. They are known by their teachers to have been coming to school hungry on Monday mornings.


“Without the community’s support through our charity, these kids would have a really rough time getting food over the weekend,” according to Mr. Ciaccia.


The Children’s Hunger Project provides packages of food each Friday to Brevard County elementary school age children who are undernourished and coming to school hungry on Monday mornings. The charity raises money locally with all funds distributed exclusively in Brevard County.


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