Amar Patel – Brevard Achievement Center’s new President and CEO

AMAR PATEL NAMED TO POST IN JUNE had previously been a member of the board. Before joining BAC, Amar was employed by Harris Corporation as a test engineer. Some might say the move was an unlikely career choice but Amar had a desire for community involvement and a personal connection to the organization’s mission of assisting individuals with disabilities achieve vocational and social independence. Services include an adult day training program that provides classes and employment opportunities, employment services to help those wanting to gain employment in the community, transitional services for students coming out of high school and employment through 14 federal contracts at nine locations located throughout Florida and one in Puerto Rico.


BAC continues to make strides towards this vision by growing their government and commercial service contracts where over 80% of employees are persons with a disability. Amar also plans to increase their production opportunities by partnering with local businesses. These contracts allow the organization to continue to provide the much needed support such as the adult day training and employment services.

“I am very proud to say that our clients come here because they know they have an opportunity for independence. They all have an opportunity to earn a paycheck through work that we have at our Rockledge facility, through job placement in the community, or at one of our nine government contract sites.”


Local businesses can utilize BAC as a valuable resource for light production/manufacturing, mailing services and other support services like custodial and warehousing. Local companies who partner with BAC create more valuable work for their clients, help BAC financially, and create a moral/ethical standard for their business.

“To be a part of the success story of a client that is able to live independently, integrated into our com-munity is emotionally fulfilling and keeps all of the BAC staff coming back for more.”