Millie Concepcion Badolato is nothing short of passionate. She and her husband moved to the Space Coast in 2003 so that he—a sports medicine physician—could start his own private practice. She has worked as his practice manager ever since this move, but quickly added volunteering into her already busy schedule. “There are many special non-profit organizations that I participate in here in Brevard County, but the one that makes me feel most proud is being a volunteer at my daughters’ school, Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy.”

Here, she has served as a kindergarten aid, art docent, classroom mom, band booster, field trip chaperone, and so much more. She shared that she and her husband chose Holy Trinity for their girls “not just because of the challenging curriculum and engaged teachers, but also because of the core Christian foundation that helps young people develop strong character, values and leadership.” For her, it’s important that her daughters be reminded to be “faithful stewards of the world,” and hopes they grow to be well-rounded individuals.

Being highly involved in the lives of her children is a top priority for Badolato. “I’ve never heard any parent who volunteers at their children’s school say they regretted it. It’s worthevery second you can take off work tobe there for your children.”

Badolato shared that she has been highly inspired by her godmother, her aunt, her mother-in-law, and of course, her own mother. All of these women had some influence on Badolato, whether it be through their work ethic, kindness and activism. However, her generosity, love and service-oriented attitude come from her mother, who would ask her daughters this: “What footprint are you going to leave in this world? How do you want to be remembered? Then this is how you live your life. The rest are material things and have no value.”

This in mind, Badolato hopes that her daughters learn to, not only praise God and be thankful to Him through the good times and the bad, but to also “find their passion in life and live it in a way that they, too will leave their footprint.”

Sara Santora
Managing Editor at SpaceCoast Magazines | Website

As a Space Coast native, Sara enjoys using her love of writing to speak directly to the community that raised her. She graduated from Florida State University with a B.A. in English, and has written for a variety of magazines; however, her love for publishing and writing developed as a young girl, when she received her first copy of Teen Vogue. When she isn't writing or at work, she is traveling around the state with friends, visiting coffee shops, going to live shows and brushing up on her photography skills. Follow her on Instagram or connect with her on LinkedIn.