doesn’t even begin to describe a day in the life of Jordan Walton. As a full-time mother and a full-time student, her days start at 6 a.m. and end sometime in the early-to-late evening. Along with being in school, “all three boys are currently enrolled in soccer, so each day I get home, get them a light snack, complete any homework assigned, go to soccer, come home, eat and get ready for bed, just to wake up and start the whole cycle all over again. But I would not change it for the world.”

Though her days may sound hectic, she enjoys every second, as motherhood has been something she has been looking forward to ever since she was a little girl. “Having three little boys running around my house has been a dream—noisy, hilarious, heartwarming and more fun than I could have ever imagined.”

Though she has always dreamed of becoming a mother, she never anticipated just how much her heart would grow to love all her children. Being a mother of three boys, she hopes they learn the importance of being gentlemen. “As a kid, my mother used to always say ‘don’t sit in glass houses and throw rocks because you never really know what’s happening in another person’s life.’ I would instill the same principal that my mother taught me regarding not sitting in a glass tower and throwing rocks, but I want to raise my boys not to just be men, but to also be gentlemen.

“Being gentlemen is still worth the effort,” Walton continued. “Take responsibility. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. Actually being a man is more important than talking like one.”

Sara Santora
Managing Editor at SpaceCoast Magazines | Website

As a Space Coast native, Sara enjoys using her love of writing to speak directly to the community that raised her. She graduated from Florida State University with a B.A. in English, and has written for a variety of magazines; however, her love for publishing and writing developed as a young girl, when she received her first copy of Teen Vogue. When she isn't writing or at work, she is traveling around the state with friends, visiting coffee shops, going to live shows and brushing up on her photography skills. Follow her on Instagram or connect with her on LinkedIn.