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The Philanthropic Spirit

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by Jaimie M. Engle A giving heart offers its time, resources and finances. That is the mutual voice of Brevard’s philanthropists who work to build the community through their involvement in various charities. Each of these amazing men and women…


Living Life to the Fullest, Unabashed

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By Jaimie M. Engle Ashley McGrath was born and raised in Brevard County, Florida. The 29- year-old holds a master’s degree in applied sociology from the University of Central Florida, volunteers at Our Lady of Grace church in Palm Bay,…


Feel the Music

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Artist Heather Everett created a masterpiece for the September issue of SpaceCoast Living with the use of a cello provided by the Brevard Symphony Orchestra and the Brevard Symphony Youth Orchestra. Heather is an expressionist painter who delves into the…


A Craving for Creativity

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Brevard County has something for theater buffs, fashion fans, art aficionados; the list goes on and on. Here are just a few of our very own artists exhibiting their talent in a variety of disciplines to help shape the Space…


Fancy Pet

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Photos by Shaun Haugh They capture our souls and wrap us around their furry little paws. Space Coast residents love their pets. Canine or feline and everything in between, we are passionate about our fuzzy (and sometimes not so fuzzy)…


The M.O.R.G.A.N Project New Location

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Building a Mom’s Dream Kristen Malfara, founder and executive director of The M.O.R.G.A.N. Project has seen her share of marvels and miracles since the birth of her son Morgan, who was diagnosed with a rare form of leukodystrophy. She began…


Up Close with Eric Garvey

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Florida’s Space Coast Office of Tourism Executive Director “Naturally different” may be the best way to describe how Florida’s Space Coast Office of Tourism works to position the area that boasts some 70 miles of coastline and has more waterfront…


A Tribute to Link Johnsten

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A Tribute to Link Johnsten For 40 years, Link Johnsten, the owner and artist of Eau Gallie Florist, made weddings spectacular. After the sudden loss of a creative visionary, the community felt the void he left immediately. He was 63….