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Home Life

Home & Garden

by Chris Kridler For some, home is a haven to escape the hustle of life. For others it is a place for play and inspiration. Whatever the purpose, these spaces delight their homeowners. Take a look inside some favorite spaces…


Creating Interiors with Style

Home & Garden

Grand Designs You’ve walked into a perfectly designed room — the space is smartly functional, the colors are complementary, the furniture is sophisticated. Expertly designed interiors never fail to impress. But how is it done? Local experts weigh in on…


Creating a Luxury Living Room

Home & Garden

Nothing takes the stress out of a long day like coming home and stepping into your own mini oasis. Today’s custom homes on the space coast are increasingly focused on creating a living room that oozes luxury and opulence. With…


Delighting in the Details

Home & Garden

Signature features turn model to marvelous Story by Ingrid Bradley Photos by Rob Downey When Paula and Clint Clouatre got the “bug” to build another standout abode, the jet-setting, high-energy, ever-entertaining couple decided to go smaller, add special details and…


Pot it Up

Home & Garden

Combine centerpiece plants with colorful companions for captivating containers Here are four easy tips for designing beautiful, long-lasting pool, porch, or front-entry pots. Choose litter-free plants, or at least plants with minimal droppage, so your ground and pool are always…


Light the Night

Home & Garden

Landscape lighting rewards with instant and long-term visual dividends, as well as increases safety The start of fall signifies an impending, yet distant change in temperature, and also notifies us that nightfall will soon arrive earlier. Whether you’re returning from work…


Gifted in Glass

Home & Garden

Stained-glass artist Sharon Earl Burridge brings fond memories and captivating images to life by Meagan McGone After a social gathering at a home on South Merritt Island, one of the guests, Mr. Scotty, was still feeling the effects of his last cocktail. He…


Wired For Entertainment

Home & Garden

No longer a luxury for the rich and famous, today’s homeowners are installing home theaters with big picture and big sound into their personal spaces “Today, both music lovers and movie buffs can have a professionally installed system that meets their…


Hit the Floor!

Home & Garden

From traditional hardwood planks to intricate tile displays, the possibilities for floor and wall coverings are virtually endless Deciding on new floor or wall coverings can easily become overwhelming. Not only are there multiple coverings to select from, there are…


Paradise Found at Portofino Bay

Home & Garden

John and Colleen Repplier’s North Melbourne riverfront home is an oasis of tranquility By Ingrid Bradley Weeping waterfront views, the near-and-distant chatter of birds amid boastful blossoms, and quiet boats boarded with hopeful anglers, describe Melbourne’s seaside community, Portofino Bay. Nestled…


Seaside Splendor

Home & Garden

Bob and Bonnie Martin designed their Melbourne Beach estate to perfectly cater to their newfound casual, coastal lifestyle by Ingrid Matta [singlepic id=333 w=250 float=right]Coastal living is defined as thehuman habituation on or near a coastline. For Midwest-transplant couple Bob…


Vertical Gardening is Looking up

Home & Garden

by Shelly Mckinney Many of us Space Coast residents who live beachside are blessed with having the sand and surf at our fingertips, but struggle with growing gorgeous gardens that can withstand the area’s salty and windy conditions. For those who live in beachfront…


Art Adrift

Home & Garden

Ron Winarski brings to life Florida’s marine animals in his sustainable, environmentally friendly driftwood sculptures “Ten years ago, I was fishing off one of the spoil islands (in the Indian River Lagoon) and noticed a tangled pile of driftwood on the…


Bring Home the Beach

Home & Garden

With 72 miles of shoreline, the Space Coast is seaside living at its best. Infuse our local lifestyle and natural surroundings into your décor with these great beach and island-inspired items Catalina Cove Stripe Umbrella Escape the summer sun with…


Dive In!

Home & Garden

With nearly limitless choices in design and technology, pools serve as a focal point for recreation and entertaining … Your outdoor oasis awaits by Ashley Blanchard Steve Peters of Intercoastal Pools and Spa Builders, Inc. ( in Melbourne is a…