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Organic Mattress Haven announces the grand opening of their second store in Melbourne Village.

Diane DiLeo, owner and operator of Organic Mattress Haven, knew there was a need to open a Melbourne store for the past several years. “Many of our guests have had to take quite a long drive to get the healthy, non-toxic mattresses they wanted,” DiLeo said, further explaining that many people, who really wanted their products, were not able to make it down to their Vero Beach location, so she made it her goal to open a Melbourne store.

Organic Mattress Haven specializes in organic latex mattresses, natural memory foam mattresses with no petroleum or solvents, natural spring mattresses, pillows, mattress pads, and sheets. They also carry crib mattresses and baby bedding made from organic cotton. Many of the mattresses at the store are made from organic latex, which is cradle-to-cradle organic certified. The outer casing of the mattress is organic wool and cotton. There are no chemicals or off-gassing in these products.

The new store is twice the size of their original location and features a new line of kids’ mattresses from Little Lamb Organics, as well as organic toppers and linens from Suite Sleep, and all natural memory foam products from Magniflex, Italy. Serta is also a featured brand; their foams are Certipur-US made, certified to be safe from any known toxins associated with many of the foams used in mattresses today.

Organic Mattress Haven also knows that sleep is an extremely individual process. Their organic latex mattresses are available in different support levels and can be customized to anyone’s taste. “One person may like a firm feel, and another may want ultra-plush,” states DiLeo. “There are no compromises needed when it comes to a good night’s sleep.” The Italian memory foam mattresses from Magniflex also offer dual- comfort mattresses. Organic Mattress Haven aims to help you “breathe healthy, rest healthy, and sleep healthy.”

Organic Mattress Haven

Vero Beach:

1125 US Hwy. 1, Vero Beach. 772-226-5019,

Melbourne Village:

1164 W. New Haven Ave. 321-831-3199