by Carrie Stevenson

The House of Lights and Home Accents in Melbourne has been illuminating dwellings and inspiring the minds of Brevard residents for 55 years. Company President Craig Bronson says the brightest ideas are on the horizon. “The lighting industry really mimics the fashion industry,” he explains, “and these days it incorporates technological and material advancements to achieve exceptionally beautiful colors and designs.” 

As Central Florida’s leader in LED and energy efficient lighting solutions, The House of Lights and Home Accents has the expertise and global sourcing necessary to walk their clients through the newest options in lighting technology. As one of the founders of the largest lighting and home décor purchasing groups in the world, House of Lights has access to the newest trends and products, as well as the ability to pass savings onto their customers. “With technology advancing so rapidly, it’s really exciting to see the newest products in LED,” Bronson explains. “Every week or two there’s something new in our showroom, and the changes in LED lines are significant enough to shift the entire lighting market every three months.” 

And the shifts certainly add to the sparkle. If the bones of a house are its bricks and mortar and the floors and furnishings are its clothes, then a home’s lighting is its jewelry. But the decisions on lighting are sometimes stuck on the back burner when homeowners are building a home or planning a renovation. “It’s often the last thing people think of when designing a space,” Bronson explains. “But it’s the first thing people notice. Whether it’s kitchen countertops, furniture or flooring, it’s nothing if it isn’t effectively lit.” Well-placed, tasteful lighting makes a home really shine and highlights the beautiful materials and features of a space. 

At the House of Lights and Home Accents, tasteful doesn’t have to mean expensive. Their sales associates pride themselves on working closely with customers to identify their style, discuss their budget, and choose options that fit their space, style and what they want to spend. The associates are all American Lighting Association certified, meaning they’ve thoroughly studied lighting design, scale, layout, room size and colors. And most associates have been with the company for 15 to 20 years, so their technical expertise is matched by their practical experience. 

And practically speaking, the last few years have seen an amazing expansion in the options for lighting, fans, and home décor. For Bronson, the staff of House of Lights and their customers, the future looks bright. ◆