Like the country song, David Hicks has seen his share of high and low places. Most of them have been from the rooftops of projects he has spearheaded through his general construction company, Rockledge/Cocoa-based Brevard Construction Company.

Dave started in the industry in the mountainous environs of Colorado more than 40 years ago and brings a wealth of insight and information about how construction rules and trends have fluctuated over the years…almost as wildly as the housing markets have done.


David Hicks, Photography By Jason Hook

Hicks, his wife Kerry, and their two oldest sons make up the Brevard Construction Company executive team. Kerry helps with design and product selections and, according to Dave, “keeps me and everything, really, on track.” The sons help with managing the multitude of jobs they have in process.

The two have been managing a hectic schedule lately with no end in sight. “The work just keeps coming in, thankfully,” said Kerry.

At the time of this interview, they were juggling a number of beachside condo renovations, a whole house remodel in Cocoa Beach and a waterfront 6,000 square foot new build in South Titusville.


Through it all, Brevard Construction Company’s No. 1 goal is customer satisfaction through consistency. “We perform a majority of the work ourselves and work with a select group of subcontractors to make sure our work is done right and done on time,” Dave said, “which allows us to keep the work managed and dependable from concept to finished product.????

Brevard Construction Company focuses on a number of building needs including new builds for custom homes and commercial projects, roofing for commercial and home, and remodeling.

Additionally, Brevard Construction Company specializes in interior redesign and remodeling projects that are designed to bring together a completed design that captures the practical needs along with design dreams of their clients.

Remodeling services include:
■ Floorplan redesign
■ Custom cabinetry installation
■ Custom tile work installation
■ New feature and appliance installation
■ Whole home remodeling

Dave is exceptionally versed in understanding structural issues and wind mitigation, and after more than four decades in the business, confident he can handle any project of any size or scale.

“We’ve done it all. From multimillion-dollar mountain homes, to riverfront homes to condo conversions and roof replacements. We can handle any kind of general construction project that can be imagined or planned,” he said


The custom homes and remodeling projects are the ones where they are especially keen to offer guidance and expertise. “We love helping direct clients to the products we have come to trust, and we love offering our personal touch. We expect much from ourselves, and we offer the same to our clients, who have always been exceptionally happy with our work,” said Kerry.

It seems their commitment to client satisfaction is paying off. All reviews listed on recent research revealed only five-star reviews, with multiple comments about the professionalism, reliability and clear communication they provide.

1909 N. Cocoa Boulevard, Cocoa ■ 321-301-6000

Shawna Lucas
Publisher at Space Coast Magazines |

Shawna Lucas (formerly Kelsch) has lived and worked in Brevard county for the past 20 years, serving in a variety of jobs and community service roles. She’s a former food and news reporter for Florida today, and was owner/operator of a marketing company that assisted clients and partners such as the Florida Healthcare Coalition, Blue Cross & Blue Shield Foundation for Florida, The Brevard Health Alliance, and Florida Tech to identify and solve pressing community health issues. She has she has dual bachelors degrees in Journalism and Sociology from the University of Miami, and was an inaugural fellow at the Freedom Forum Diversity Institute at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN.