By Carrie Stevenson

The forces of gravity and UV light are not kind over the years, and it is normal to wonder how it would feel to tighten, smooth and erase those trouble spots. But the fear of scars and downtime can give pause.

That is why an innovative, artistic option like the Renuvion by J-Plasma treatment — a minimally invasive procedure that delivers smooth, tightened skin on the face and body—is an excellent option for patients who want beautiful results without larger incisions or scars.

For Michigan-born, Miami-trained plastic surgeon Dr. Rebecca Novo, hers is the first and only dermatology and plastic surgery practice to offer Renuvion by J-Plasma in Brevard County.

“Renuvion by J-Plasma is the answer to firmer, smoother, more toned skin on the face and body,” Novo said. “The device offers customizable solutions for each patient. It resurfaces skin, removes dark spots and fine lines and improves texture. It tightens sagging skin on the face and body. It’s changing the way we think about traditional procedures.”

Unlike traditional resurfacing lasers, Renuvion by J-Plasma heats helium gas into plasma. Because helium does not require much energy to become plasma, the process uses less energy and heat, resulting in less thermal damage to surrounding tissues. It then channels the plasma into a very precise point so it can be used to resurface the skin. And since helium is a naturally cold gas, the Renuvion by J-Plasma device retains a portion of the helium for use as a cooling agent for the surrounding skin area being resurfaced. This cooling process further reduces thermal damage to the tissue, and unlike other resurfacing lasers on the market, the effects are immediate.

To address sagging skin on the lower face, jawline and neck, the treatment can be used as a minimally invasive option that tightens and lifts to improve the contour and skin elasticity. Cold plasma energy is used on the underside of the skin to instantly tighten and rejuvenate. This shrinks and sculpts loose and lax skin without large incisions or downtime. The outcome is a rediscovery of a patient’s youthful contours and minimal (5mm) incision points.

“It’s a face lift without the pain and recovery of the larger incisions for a face lift,” Novo explained.

The Renuvion by J-Plasma technology can be used anywhere on the body for skin tightening and contouring. In some patients, it can replace a traditional tummy tuck. “The loose, sagging skin many patients experience following pregnancy or significant weight loss can be essentially ‘shrink wrapped’ like never before,” Novo asserted. “The body contouring procedure includes liposuction for fat reduction, and then delivery of the plasma form of helium below the skin using the Renuvion by J-Plasma J-Plasma device resulting in immediate and dramatic skin tightening.”

The technology behind Renuvion by J-Plasma J-Plasma is so precise and well-respected, it has actually been used in the past to perform delicate surgeries near vital organs with exacting precision and virtually no heat damage to surrounding tissue.

“The technology isn’t that new,” Novo said. “It’s the new applications of the device that make it a ‘new use’ in plastic surgery because it empowers the surgeon to significantly tighten beneath the skin. Clients can get youthful, smooth contoured skin, as well as eliminate brown spots, age spots, wrinkles and fine lines. It’s a beautiful thing.

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