Sculpture artist Suzanne Parisien Frank takes 25 pounds of clay, along with her limitless imagination and creates beautiful works of art. She started working with porcelain clay in 1988, making unique items of jewelry and then shifted to a serious figurative sculpture artist in 1994. Mostly self taught, she has created over 3,000 works of art.

“I am able to use my mind, hands and feelings to create figurines of the human body, images of oceanic life, masks, torsos, spirits, vases, bowls, animal creatures, abstracts and much more, in a wide array of colors,” Suzanne explains. “All of which are intended to grace the homes and offices of those who appreciate the beauty of art.”

One person who has a deep appreciation for the beauty of art is Dr. Marja Sprock who has many pieces in her new offices located on Eyster Blvd, just west of U.S. 1 in Rockledge. These wall-hanging items include mostly torso shapes, masks and other pieces that depict the human spirit.

“I believe art is one of those intangibles that absolutely aids in the healing process, both physically and psychologically, not only in clay sculptures, but in such mediums as paintings, photographs, humor, warmth and certainly not least, music,” Suzanne says.

Inspiration for Suzanne comes from many places, “Colors, shapes, movement, air and water, joy and sorrow, feelings and despair, conflict and love. And, most of all, the beauty of all living things,” she explains.

Suzanne describes the process of creating an image from a block of clay is much like it was described by the great Michelangelo who said his human figures already existed inside those boulders, he simply chipped away at the stone to set them free.

“I can see a block of clay and formulate a final image before my hands go to work. From there, it’s all fingers, heart and imagery as the form emerges. During this process, the rest of the world ceases to exist.”

Along with painter Eulaine Eri, Suzanne will be opening the Art and Soul Gallery in September at 12 Stone Street in Cocoa Village, next to the Gazebo.

“We chose this location mainly because the location chose us. It became open and it was meant to be. And, we love the artsy atmosphere of Cocoa Village.”

The artists will host workshops and art classes in the near future. Activities will be posted on