In October, Titusville becomes a digital downtown.

You might be thinking what are digital arts? Like the “digital world” that encompasses so much of our daily lives, digital art is a general term for a range of artistic works and practices that use digital technology as an essential part of the creative and/or presentation process.

Art and Algorithms will highlight creative works at the intersection of art and technology and appeal to a wide range of audience members, from Generation X, Y and Z to artists, engineers and other high-tech talent in Central Florida as well as visitors to the area.

The festival is presented by the Greater Titusville Renaissance, in association with the City of Titusville, the Titusville Area Chamber of Commerce and the Brevard Cultural Alliance. The organizers of the festival hope to use arts and culture as a catalyst to help regenerate the Titusville community and stimulate tourism.

“Art is a powerful catalyst in the regeneration of communities,” according to Neil Levine, Executive Director of Brevard Cultural Alliance and one of the experts behind the festival. “Because arts education is a key to creativity, creativity spurs innovation, innovation creates new industries, new industries with their jobs are the basis of our future economic well- being and economic well-being generates and demands arts and culture.”

Titusville is a fitting place for such a festival with a population rich in creative talent. It is where men and women ventured into space, catapulting new technologies that would improve the lives on Earth. The idea originated from the area’s natural link to science and mathematics.

International artists from the United Kingdom will be joined by those working in digital arena from around Florida.

“By building on our authentic assets,” said Brevard County Commissioner Robin Fisher, “we are building a sense of place, a positive and powerful forward focus for the region, to help us continue to attract, develop and preserve diverse talent, innovative companies and a vital, culturally healthy community.”

Highlights of the festival include:

3-D Digital Mapping — Action-packed, larger-than-life projection is the anchor entertainment during the opening and closing weekends of the festival. This 3-D custom content entertainment and digital achievement will be projected on the side of the two-story Titusville Playhouse.

•The Holographic and Lenticular Exhibit is a collection not available anywhere else in the United States. Martin Richardson’s work was shown this past year at the Royal Academy of Arts, London. For Art & Algorithms, Martin’s special exhibit is called “Dystopia”, curated by Clifton Richardson, who is also curating the short films festival. Martin Richardson is widely considered to be an innovator in holographic arts. An early work was created in conjunction with rock star David Bowie and that signature piece will be featured in the exhibition. Martin will provide key lectures and appearances.

•An International Film Festival with more than 90 award-winning digital short films from over 30 countries will be on exhibit at the Titusville Playhouse. The films are curated and accompanied by Clifton Stewart, who brings both films and an international festival sensibility representing many cultures and points of view. Clifton Stewart will provide personal appearances and lecture on short films and the curating of the film festival (a festival within the festival) as well as talking about his work with Martin Richardson, in also curating “Dystopia.” Clifton Stewart will accompany the short films festival within a festival, making appearances at various times, including lecturing students.

•Digital Artists from around Florida will display digital work on screen or in special displays. Several exhibiting artists will be on site to intrigue festival goers with their concepts and artistic processes.

•Gallery space for Brevard County Public Schools’ digital arts students that is shared with festival exhibiting artists.

• Hands-on interactive activities such as a digital graffiti wall and beam-your-own art opportunities are planned. Demonstrations by guest artists, international interactions, surprise street art and additional digital hands-on and collaborative options will add to the street festival experience.

Art and Algorithms: A digital arts festival
When: October 4-13, 2013
What: A ten-day digital arts festival
Where: Titusville
Admission: Fee required for some activities.