Beachside Health Studio offers sport-specific training and techniques to improve the ability of athletes at every level

Since opening its doors over two years ago, Steve Ryland, DPT and his team at Beachside Health Studio have witnessed a rising interest in injury prevention and overall health and fitness. Offering a variety of services — including physical therapy, personal training, Pilates, yoga, TRX (suspension training), massage therapy and more – the Indialantic studio has become a well-known facility for many residents, and even vacationers.

Being sought out by professional, college and high-school athletes, the studio is placing importance on sport-specific training and techniques.

“With many positive changes and additions happening in the near future, our team is excited for the community to see how we plan to continue changing and improving lives daily,” says Dr. Ryland.

Last year, Beachside Health Studio treated professional football player Mohamed Massaquoi, wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns. “Mo,” as his friends call him, headed south for the first half of the off-season, working with Beachside Health Studio’s team to accomplish his goals, as well as maintain and improve his skills.

Dr. Ryland and Dr. Chris Wicker, DPT, OTR/L, worked with Mo to enhance his overall stabilization, speed and agility skills. Through a combination of balance training, stabilization exercises and circuit training, Mo discovered a whole new kind of training that produced immediate results.

Pam Brandli, certified personal trainer, instructed Mo in private yoga. The main focus was to provide exercises that would loosen his muscles, improve postural form and increase hamstring flexibility. Brandli developed a personalized program to assist Mo with proper form and posture, stretching and breathing techniques. In order to prevent future injuries, Brandli was able to provide direction for stretching before, during and after football practice and games.

Mo also incorporated Pilates and massage with Sharon Hope Love, PTA, LMT, certified Pilates instructor. Love worked with Mo to develop deep core awareness through Pilates to increase balance, stability and strength. The Pilates method educates the body to engage deep stabilizer muscles as the large mobilizer muscles are in use to increase joint support and decrease injury potential. Love also incorporated massage therapy into Mo’s program to increase muscle flexibility, circulation and enhance muscle recovery post exercise routines.

Massage therapy can help to reduce and even eliminate stress, alleviate back pain and improve range of motion, ease medication dependence, enhance the body’s immune system, stretch weak or atrophied muscles, help athletes prepare for and recover from strenuous workouts, improve the condition of skin, lessen depression and anxiety, pump oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs, reduce post-surgery adhesions and swelling and reduce spasms and cramping, just to name a few.

During his time at Beachside Health Studio, Mo was able to not only improve his overall body strength, but also was able to combine the techniques that he learned in training, Pilates and yoga with his normal day-to-day exercise regimen.

“The mission of Beachside Health Studio is to provide high-quality wellness and fitness services, individualized for clients of all ages and fitness levels; to be the all-encompassing facility for whole body health, providing innovative care through a synergistic team of professionals. This seems to prove true to the local community, but feel free to see for yourself,” says Dr. Ryland.