Portrait Artist Gregory Daniel of Titusville is in the business of making memories last a lifetime. “Life happens so fast and changes so quickly. My work gives children in the family a sense of value and importance and creates a sense of heritage.” Gregory has traveled all over the United States creating portraits.  “When you walk into a home and see a family portrait prominently displayed, it says something important about that family.”  Wife Lesa helps coordinate the portraits and says, “helping people preserve their memories is what we do.”

Plan Ahead

-Conduct a pre-portrait consultation.  Look at the photographer’s work and share your vision of what you want.

-Choose a location or opt for a studio shot and find out how much time the photographer will spend at the session.

-Get haircuts, perms or experiment with any new hairstyles two weeks prior to your scheduled session. Don’t try a new style or look the day of the portrait.

-Select clothing that will flatter all members of your family and coordinate clothing selections. Lesa Daniel works closely with families prior to their session to ensure a polished look.  Determine if you want a casual or more formal look. As a rule, solid colors photograph better than patterns, stripes or plaids. Stick to one or two basic colors for a coordinated look.

-The day before your session, ensure clothing is clean, pressed and ready to wear. And don’t forget the shoes.

On “Portrait Day”

-Make sure everyone gets a good night’s sleep the night before.

-Make sure everyone eats before they start to get ready.

-Make sure everyone has time to get ready.

-Bring a brush, comb, hairspray, make-up and other styling aids so you can repair hairstyles and make-up.

-Stay calm and patient during the session. If the adults stay calm the children will pick up on their mood.