Power Perspective

Of course the Florida Gators are a huge rivalry to USSSA Pride’s Alex Powers’ alma mater, FSU, but she’s learned to put some of those feelings aside. In fact, some of the girls on the team she currently plays with are Gators. 

“We always joke around and pick on each other,” Powers says. “This summer on the pro-team, the head coach for Florida was helping coach our team for a little bit, so it’s funny to watch people come full circle. So many coaches and players move around, so you can’t take any of these rivalry emotions too seriously. You have to understand that everybody is passionate about their schools, so it’s all in good fun.” 

Powers graduated with her bachelor’s degree in 2016 and with her master’s degree in 2017 in sports management. Her last season playing women’s softball at FSU was in 2017.

Football in Florida

The sunshine state is home to some of the greatest academic and athletic programs in the nation. In fact, many Florida families find themselves a house divided in its fan base, depending on the alma mater of family members. The days of watching big rivalries on television, one of the biggest being the Thanksgiving weekend Florida State University vs. University of Florida game, are soon upon us. With the season, comes memories and traditions. Here’s a look at just a few of the top teams in the state.  

University of Florida 

The Gators – Orange and Blue


Known for the legendary Mr. Two Bits cheer and Orange and Blue chant, as well as Gator Growl, a giant pep-rally on the homecoming weekend at the stadium. During home games, be-tween the third and the fourth quarter, fans lock arms and sway to “We are the Boys.”  

Iconic Grub

The Swamp Restaurant 

Florida State University 

The Seminoles – Garnet and Gold


“Some of our biggest traditions include the lighting of the torch and our chop,” Powers
says. “It’s kind of like a symbolic war chant.  For football games, going into the stadium and having thousands of people doing the chop together is pretty awesome.”
– Alex Powers

Iconic Grub

Madison Social

University of Central Florida

The Knights – Black and Gold


The Bright House Networks Stadium is affectionately called the “bounce house” due to its aluminum structure-all of the jumping up and down creates a sometimes unsettling shaking that makes some wonder if the stadium will hold through the game. Fans say the noise, cheers and chants are a perfect distraction for creating a “knightmare” for any opponent.

Iconic Grub

The MOAT Sports Grille

University of Miami

The Hurricanes – Orange, Green and White


Known for “The U” and holding up four fingers at the beginning of the fourth quarter at every home football game. This indicates the belief that a game is won in that final period. 

Iconic Grub

El Rey de las Fritas

University of South Florida 

The Bulls – Green and Gold 


“Go Bulls” hand symbol is the overall premier symbol for cheering and identity for USF fans, while the marching band’s name, The Stampeding Herd of Thunder, quickly caught on as the band “stampeded” onto the field at games. 

Iconic Grub

Miller’s Ale House