By Joanna Walters

Physicians Body Sculpting is a leader in CoolSculpting and nonsurgical skin care treatments.

For Medical Aesthetician Joanna Walters, who has worked as an aesthetician and facial specialist for over 20 years, what makes Melbourne’s Physicians Body Sculpting special is the focus on modern cutting edge non-surgical treatments. “We provide a Boutique Med-spa experience, offering clients a more complete holistic approach to aesthetics”. We are always seeking out new innovative options to guide our patients to the path of total wellness & vitality!

The office is led by Dr. Mike Wolfington, former Medical Director at Harris Family Medical Center, on staff two of Brevards most talented aesthetic injectors Ms. Natalie Waters, RN and Brian Benson, PA-C who also offers an array of cutting edge laser treatments. The team offers a multitude of body contouring, skin care, and wellness treatments, including CoolSculpting, BOTOX, fillers, Dr. Zein Obagi’s ZO Skin Health line, and Micro needling, as well as nutrition, supplement, health, and weight-loss consultations with the introduction of our Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.

As a premier CoolSculpting facility, Physicians Body Sculpting prides itself on delivering great results for patients looking for a non-invasive body contouring procedure that targets “trouble spots” on the body, freezes fat cells without damaging the skin, and results in a 20 to 25 percent reduction in the targeted area. Ms. Walters, who is the only person in Brevard county (and only the third in Florida) to hold a Masters designation in CoolSculpting, says that the most rewarding part of offering such an effective nonsurgical procedure is the follow-up appointment with patients. “As an aesthetician, I am accountable at the four-month follow up visit,” she says. “I’ve been a medical aesthetician since 1997, and I’ve never seen patient satisfaction like what they feel after the CoolSculpting® treatments. Most of the time at the follow-up appointment, they want to schedule treatment on another area because they’ve seen the results and know how transformative it is.”

The Physicians Body Sculpting office includes two CoolSculpting machines to offer the duo sculpt option, where patients can treat two areas at once and thus cut their time spent in the office in half. “That reduces their time being here from 4 hours down to 1.5-2 hours, so now they’re in and out and it really feels like a spa treatment,” Ms. Walters says. “they can sit back and work on their laptop , watch tv, or listen to music in a comfortable and relaxing environment.”

“CoolSculpting is a really a nice option even for those who regularly work out and are in great shape but have one or two trouble spots, whether from aging or hormones or having kids. It’s great to know you can address those without spending $10,000 and taking two weeks of downtime,” Ms. Walters explains. ”There really was no option before for them.” While treatment costs vary with the areas being addressed, one treatment cycle can start at $750, offeringan exceptional value compared to traditional liposuction.


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