By Mallorie Ann Ingram

If a picture’s worth a thousand words then a single room in a Christopher Burton luxury home will leave you speechless. With just the right combination of attention to detail and eye to build something better, excellence meets perfection. And Christopher Burton understands the nuts and bolts of how to make that happen. Celebrating 20 years of success this October, Christopher Burton Luxury Homes has been taking the Space Coast region to the next level of prestige and home appeal. 

In October of 1998, Christopher Burton began what has now become a force to be noticed in the luxury custom home building market in Brevard County. Since its humble beginnings, Burton homes has helped hundreds of area residents create the home of their dreams and has built a reputation for quality and craftsmanship. 

In the beginning Chris thought he would be like any other builder and looked at the established builders in the area for examples of how he might fashion his business, his company and his homes. He recalls not knowing exactly how to start, but was guided by his uncle (a builder for some forty plus years now) to always follow his own instincts. “Here I am, this kid coming into the business,” Burton recalls. “My family was wonderful to just let me do my (own) thing. I spoke daily with my uncle and he wanted me to be the kind of builder I wanted to be… in hindsight, (this) is probably the best advice or direction he could ever give.” 

Burton’s first home was much like that of his competitors’; or at least at first it was. It was similar in style, layout, standards and features. He soon found that what he really wanted to do was deliver more for the customer and offer his owners a better experience and better home. As the first home he sold started to take shape and he discussed the features he was installing with that very first owner, he decided offering and including more and better standards was really what he wanted to do. It also was what he decided should be the signature for his future and his company. 

Building that first home was eye opening for the young Burton, who was just 24 years old at the time. He actually found himself upgrading things he had included as standards for no cost to the owner. He knew, even then, that what he really wanted to do was make sure he was building and delivering a home he could be genuinely proud of. “It was a conversation with my wife, where I said, “You know what, if I do two, three houses a year, but I’m happy, I’m good with that. I love what I’m doing, I love building and I enjoy the creative process and dealing with the trades and clients.” Burton goes on to say how he is proud of what he builds, as well he should be, since his name is the marquee for his product and the product and the man have become synonymous. 

In those early days he would approach the tradesmen on his job sites and ask them for advice; “I was humble enough to go find support,” he remembers. “You’re an electrician and I’m not, so help me understand what it is I’m looking for here.” It was that approach with tradesmen, other contractors and sub-contractors that created the rapport and mutual respect that forged his company and propelled it forward. 

Burton opted for quality over quantity, using style, features and finishes to distinguish himself and his homes. Burton’s clients recognize the transparency, both in the work and ultimately the end result, which quickly sets him apart. People sincerely appreciated the honesty and care provided with each and every encounter, making them trust and feel comfortable that building a “Burton” home, even with a young and new builder was a wise choice. Early on it was one or two homes a year, then the numbers doubled, then doubled again. Burton recalls it seemed like the growth was slow, but in actuality it was faster than he ever expected. By the early 2000’s he was building on the barrier islands and Lake Washington and then in Viera. His growth led him to the luxury community of Wyndham at Duran where he became a premier builder, upping his game even more, and where he met Tom Davis, who now serves as vice president/director of business development and residential design for Burton Homes. 

“Tom is an expert in marketing and branding and just infinitely wiser and better than I ever was,” Burton says. “Tom started developing ads and campaigns and really branding our business. It made me understand the importance of telling the story of who we are. There is a difference in branding a business and talking about how great you are. It’s more of a story and Tom liked my approach to construction and could tell the difference. I’d say that the single biggest catalyst to growth in my company was Tom coming on board.” 

According to Davis, attention to detail and the quality of craftsmanship that goes into a Burton home is second to none. “The cost isn’t that much more to do it right than it is to do it wrong and it costs little more to go with a quality feature than one that is inferior,” says Davis. Additionally, Davis credits Chris Burton’s eye for detail as one of the biggest things that separates a Burton home from all the rest. “Chris can walk into a room and immediately see things others can’t. He will see imperfections and details that need attention that others might never notice or tend to gloss over. Other builders don’t necessarily have someone with that talent looking at it to make sure it’s perfect.”

Burton’s reputation for detail and craftsmanship hasn’t gone unnoticed. In 2016 a Burton Residence at 3460 Riverside Drive in Indialantic won the Aurora Award for Best Custom Home 6,000 to 8,000 sq. ft. This comes as no small feat, given the distinguished array of entries submitted from some of the multi-state region’s finest builders who participated that year. Burton’s desire is that each and every home Burton builds looks and feels like a model home and that each client loves their Burton home more than any home in which they have ever lived. 

Over the years, the company has grown, today employing a veteran and talented support staff. Burton surrounds himself with a team of experienced and skilled individuals that care for each and every design, purchasing and construction detail to ensure that each home is as near-perfect as possible. With combined centuries of experience and the passion to out-perform the competition, the Burton team is second to none. Burton says, “I’ve learned over the years to surround myself with people that are better at their particular job than I am. That’s really a key to success.” 

Since those humble beginnings, Christopher Burton Homes is designing and building homes on Brevard’s coastlines and in its finest communities. Currently, Burton holds lot positions in gated communities in Lake Washington, Suntree and Viera. The newest Christopher Burton Private Collection Model is located in the prestigious community of Adelaide in Viera. Both that model home and the four hundred sixty-acre community in which it is located, are equally amazing. For those looking to live more inland, in a manned-gated, lushly groomed private sanctuary, Adelaide is an immaculate setting. Burton is designing and constructing truly custom luxury homes in Adelaide; sited on sprawling oversized lots backing to Viera’s largest crystal blue lake. “We felt like there were people in Brevard County that just don’t want to be beachside,” says Burton. “The town of Viera is amazing and has so much draw… from the schools to shopping to recreation. And the lake lots are truly an exquisite water choice for those who have visited this uniquely beautiful community.” Additionally, Burton goes on, “We knew there was enough affluence here to support this haven.” So if location, perfection and a unique ambience are all the deciding factors for finding your dream place to live, Christopher Burton Homes has it covered. 

Happy 20th Anniversary to Christopher Burton Luxury Homes and here’s to much success over the next 20. ◆