Every one has a strong desire to own a home that matches his/her personal desires and interests. As a result, there are a growing number of custom houses all over the world, more so in Melbourne Florida. Below are some ideas and support on how to decorate your Melbourne, Florida custom home.


Adding color to your home refers to giving your house extra glamour and attraction. The color of all the rooms should support the color of furniture and other tools in your home. It is possible to maintain a single color through the rooms but this requires a keen selection of the colors. Some colors brighten the room while others make it completely dull.

Wall color that matches with furniture provides the feeling of uniformity and comfort to your visitors. Guest rooms should be colored with a neutral color since it is hard to determine what color excites your guests. Since color influences people’s moods, you could easily interfere with their feelings and thoughts about you.


Lighting techniques have a huge influence on your visitors. You have to put in mind the quality of light received during both winter and summer months. Little natural light that rules the winter months brings up the feeling of depression, social withdrawal, daytime sleepiness and lethargy. Homes experiencing such long effects should be installed with skylights since they are capable of maximizing on the natural light in your home.

They also reduce the need for relying on artificial light from windows. Kitchen countertops should also be fitted with bright task lighting that facilitates food preparation. Dimming sconces can be installed in the bedroom to create a sense of peace and romance.


These include the small interesting things that can add up to the glamour and beauty in your home. You can make use of black and white pictures that have colorful picture frames. The contrast between the two is good enough to attract someone’s attention.

Colorful pots can be added in the kitchen and planted with simple herbs like Rosemary, Basil and Oregano among others. Old furniture can be added with new covers to bring them back to normal functionality.

Style & Fashion

Despite the desire to have personal features in your home design, it is good to think about the overall style and fashion that surrounds a normal house. The bedrooms should be designed away from the recreational rooms while the kitchen should flow into the dining area. Custom builders can help restructure your home if you find a poor style in the organization of the rooms.

Deciding on the style of your home has influence over the happiness and health of your home. Having amazing designs and an exciting décor does not automatically provide efficiency and functionality. It should incorporate the family’s interests, hobbies, friend’s desires and workspace.

Your style and fashion should also be long term putting in mind the changes you are likely to experience in the future years. Your situation and future plans can easily change and your home style should be capable of accommodating this.