By Jessica Kane

Staying active, eating right and taking care of your physical health is crucial to having a good quality of life. Don’t forget about your mental health. It’s just as important staying healthy on the inside too. One of today’s hot topics is taking a holistic approach to coping and feeling better. We spend our entire day solving issues, making improvements, building relationships and fixing things that often take an enormous toll on our bodies. Here are some simple tips to help stay on track to having a healthy mindset and outlook on life. 


The Toxic Drain:

Keep toxic people out of your circle, your life and your work.

The amount of energy a toxic person takes from you on a daily basis can feel the same as the amount to power a nuclear submarine. Now, imagine what you could do with all that energy by regaining it. While we don’t get to choose exactly who we interact with on a daily basis, it is important to be aware of those you choose to enter your life. Relationships are reciprocal.

The Subliminal Drain:

Organizing your to-do list can have an incredible effect on mental health.

Get that list in order! The drain from subliminal baggage is often ignored and never addressed, but it can quickly turn your mental health around. Never write a note for something you can actually do in that same amount of time. Put less on that to-do list by ensuring you’re only adding the most important action items. For the rest of the list, considering using project management software. By setting your tasks with due dates, you can quickly see what you need to worry about now and not run through your entire list every single time. 

Soul Drain:

Have you talked with your soul lately?

Regular soul check-ins are a must to keep the passion going and the brain healthy. We were put on this planet to create, build, give, and love – all of which require a healthy and happy soul. If you hate to get up to go to work, to take the meeting, to take that call – ask yourself why. Most likely, there’s a larger reason. 

Be your best self and get rid of the drain. Let your ideas and passion run free because only good things are on the other side of that rainbow.