Visit Paisley Vegan Kitchen and enjoy a home-cooked comfort meal straight from the garden.

Photography by Jason Hook

On the outskirts of our beloved Cocoa Village lies Paisley Vegan Kitchen. Printed in bold white letters on the front window reads the words, “delicious plant-based comfort food.” Is it possible these two opposing food categories coexist with another? It would seem so, because if you look closely, you’ll find full-grown adults licking their plates. According to owners Alyssa Dorer and Michael Martin, this has happened more than once.

Though I am not vegan, I tried Paisley on a friend’s recommendation. And while I was nervous before entering, my nerves were immediately calmed when I entered the quaint, comfortable restaurant, and was greeted by the friendly staff.

When you first walk into the restaurant, you’ll find a wall couch paired with rustic wooden tables while a shower of twinkle lights spelling out “Paisley” shines in the background. Cozy date atmosphere? Check. Kid friendly? Check. Established in 2016, Dorer and Martin longed for a space where vegans and non-vegans alike could come together and enjoy a feel-good appetizer or meal. Dorer explained her goal to be “as welcoming as possible to anyone off the street.” Of course, I experienced this goal firsthand, as I immediately felt welcome when vising Paisley for the first time.

The menu offers a large variety of dishes for everyone. House favorites consist of the Lasagna Rollatini, The Veggie Sandwich and Piled High Nachos. First timers tend to gravitate towards The Veggie Sandwich, as it does not utilize any meat substitutes. The Veggie Sandwich allows you to taste the wide array of veggies packed into the large sandwich in each bite, and it is paired with a side of avocado slaw or white rice and beans. You can also find gourmet salads, quinoa rice bowls, macaroni and cheese and more comfort food favorites on the menu. Personally, I gravitate towards the Deviled Potatoes appetizer during each visit.

Photography by Jason Hook

Unlike other vegan restaurants, Paisley does not use cashew sauce in any of its dishes. Though this is one of the most popular food and cheese substitutes, Paisley still boasts a large menu. Despite what might seem to be a disadvantage, no longer carrying cashew sauce due to mass fluctuating market prices and allergy cautions, has allowed them to be more creative in the kitchen.

Photography by Jason Hook

Paisley strives to be mindful of those with allergies and gluten sensitivities and offer alternatives and substitutes as well.

Be sure to keep a look out for their new Melbourne location and frequent Movie Night events. I know I’ll be finding myself yet again, licking the plates, after a stroll through the Village.

You can find Paisley Vegan Kitchen at 630 Brevard Ave, Cocoa, FL 32922.
(321) 305-5767
Facebook: Paisley Vegan Kitchen
Instagram: @paisley.vegan