Wuesthoff Health System welcomes Mary Sue Zinsmeister, MSN, RN, to its family of healthcare professionals. Zinsmeister now serves as the chief nursing officer at Wuesthoff Medical Center—Rockledge.

A graduate of East Carolina University, in Greenville, NC, Zinsmeister holds a master of science in nursing degree and is currently working on her doctorate. During her distinguished career that spans more than 20 years, Zinsmeister has worked at hospitals in North Carolina, Nevada, Virginia and Texas. In her last position, she was national director of critical care at Tenet Healthcare Corp. in Dallas.

“I’m passionate about nursing and providing care. It’s always been something I’ve wanted to do,” said Zinsmeister. “This career has been extremely fulfilling. It’s not only given me the opportunity to make a difference for nurses but to also make a positive difference for the communities in which I live.”

Zinsmeister’s interest in nursing dates back to her childhood and is rooted in her enthusiasm for service. “I’ve always enjoyed helping and caring for others, so this career option interested me when I was very young,” she said. Inclinations toward the profession also run in the family – her sister, too, is a nurse.

As chief nursing officer, Zinsmeister oversees the patient care services. She is ultimately responsible for the nursing care patients receive, and works to ensure the hospital complies with all regulations and standards of care.

Early in her career, Zinsmeister worked as a bedside nurse, caring for patients directly. She later moved into leadership, which she said broadened her opportunities to serve. “I appreciate being in a leadership role, because I’m able to shape the way healthcare is delivered to patients,” she said. “I can make a major difference that way.”

The main thing Zinsmeister anticipates in the healthcare profession is a continued shifting of the landscape to meet the needs of 21st century patients. “That’s one of the challenges in healthcare today – it changes so rapidly. One thing we are sure of, it will change,” she said. “The main thing amid all this change is to make sure patients are getting the best care possible. That’s my goal.” 

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