By Meaghan Branham

When thinking about redecorating a room in your home, or even just sprucing it up, your first thought might not be of the window coverings. Paint color, artwork or furniture may take precedence for many of us before we ever consider the effect window treatments can have on the look of a room. As anyone who’s ever tackled the project of a redesign can tell you, window treatments, from blinds to shutters to shades, make a powerful difference. The team at Blinds of All Kinds in Rockledge understands the many unique factors that need to be considered when deciding on window coverings, and offer up more than just the usual services to their clients, from small projects to entire home redesigns.

From their beginning in 1983, through a highly personalized and relationship-based approach to each project, Blinds of All Kinds has distinguished themselves as a full-service business eager to go above and beyond. In addition to many options for blinds, shades and shutters, as well as repair and installation services, they offer consultations, even after hours and in-home. In these consultations, they carefully listen to each client to create a product or design concept that fits both the type of room and personal style of the client, while maximizing functionality. Often, what results is an unexpected design solution that surpasses expectations.

Windows that present covering or design problems, such as those that are very large or uniquely shaped, are a common concern presented to Blinds of All Kinds, and they have several solutions on hand. While they can help the client choose the perfect traditional blinds or shades and fit them to the window, in typical Blinds of All Kinds fashion they can also offer up a beautiful and functional alternative. Utilizing a Tableaux product created to look like wrought iron, the design team has been able to create window treatment solutions for otherwise challenging spaces.

In the case of one client, a large transom window in their bedroom presented a design conundrum for the homeowner, who turned to the team for a custom solution. While a different company might simply “measure something, send it back, and install it, we come up with something that other companies can’t do,” said Sonja Polster, director of operations. They sought a different solution. Working closely with the client, they created a piece that was not only functional but beautiful. A perfect example of their highly personalized customer service, the team considered every element before ultimately pulling inspiration from the front door of the home. The finished product was a stunning piece that utilized a normally overlooked space, turning it into an opportunity for creativity and cohesion with other elements of the house. “It’s taking custom to a whole new level,” Polster said. 

Using the same product with a much different project, they were able to create a piece for one client’s kitchen. Polster explained, “she had this big opening in the kitchen that she hated, and we were able to put a faux iron piece there.” This small detail transformed the look of the room into one that the client loved. From windows, to room dividers and wall accents, to outdoor design pieces, the team has helped countless clients with big and small projects, well versed in carefully considering their specific needs and the requirements of the space.

Blinds of All Kinds

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