Connecting Seniors to Community Services

Everyone is different and faces a different set of challenges as he or she ages.  Until now, finding the specific services to match those challenges and needs took a lot of time and effort.  Today, the Whole Senior Connection can point you in the right direction, helping find services when needed.

Applicable to people 55 years old and older, the Whole Senior Connection is a Web-based program that identifies possible areas of need and then links users to providers of those services.  The simple, step-by-step process begins with a visit to, where users complete a survey designed to identify the holistic needs of seniors and their families.  These needs then are translated into services, and appropriate providers who may assist are identified.

The system, no simple directory, is designed for its users, allowing each to create a personalized “Whole Senior Plan”.

In order to become a choice provider of services through the Whole Senior Connection, each business must first complete a course of study through the Brevard Alzheimer’s Foundation (BAFI) that certifies it as elder-friendly.  Many of these businesses offer service discounts to Whole Senior Connection participants and accept certain medical plan coverage, details of which are listed when a service match is made.

The benefits of the Whole Senior Connection do not extend merely to seniors, however; it allows families to take care of things proactively from afar, rather than waiting until they are faced with challenging situation. For example, if you’ve noticed that Mom or Dad is having trouble with driving, you can use the system to match him or her with an appropriate service provider, thereby making sure this need is taken care of before it becomes an issue.

Nearly every service seniors need is available somewhere in our community, and with  the successful launch of the Whole Senior Connection in  December 2009, individuals and their families finally are able to make that connection in an easy-to-use, private environment that is free and accessible 24-hours a day.

Whole Senior Connection helps you get access to:

-Health care



-Leisure and travel

-Faith-based programs

-Safety programs

-Personal care services

-Medical equipment

-Home repair and maintenance

-Legal services

-Special needs programs

What seniors are saying about Whole Senior Connection:

“The Whole Senior Connection helped me choose elder-friendly certified providers who could better understand my needs.”

“I was able to confidently select important services anonymously using the Whole Senior Connection™.”

“The Whole Senior Connection enabled me to conveniently locate the services I needed from the privacy of my home.”

“Using the Whole Senior Connection, I was able to develop a service plan for my parents in Rockledge . . . from my home in Ohio.”