What if your WealthConfidence has less to do with the amount of money you have and more to do with your mindset?

There are eight different mindsets that contribute to an improved WealthConfidence.

Are you connected through social media platforms? How many friends do you have on Facebook? Is your relationship better through everyday connections with those people? There is so much chatter on most social media channels that it can dehumanize the relationships you have with your connections. Without that person-to-person contact, you can lose that intimate relationship you once had with your closest friends and family members. These are the very people we once shared our dreams and aspirations with.

We are not suggesting doing away with your social media platforms; instead, enhance your intimate relationships with actual personal contact. The more friends you have on your social media platforms, the less you are inclined to have intimate conversations with any of them. Stay connected with your closest friends and family members by meeting with them for lunch or calling them on the phone.

A person-to-person relationship that can improve your WealthConfidence is one with your own private WealthCoach who can help you connect the data about your wealth to the decisions you must make to create the financial life you dream of. Here, you can experience the benefits of working side-by-side with someone working for your best interests, which is simply not available at a dot-com website or at the end of a 1-800 phone number.

Are you struggling with the complexities that wealth can bring? Answer the following questions:

What is your current financial condition?
Benchmark yourself

Are you ahead of or behind where you should be by now?
Gap determination

Will what you are doing now get you where you want to go?
Decisions assessment

Complimentary resources that can help you answer these questions and more are available to you. Let us know if you would like to take advantage of them. Improved WealthConfidence can be yours today!

What is your WealthConfidence?

Visit www.yourwealthconfidencescorecard.com to identify your personal mindset, and what that means to your wealth and your WealthConfidence