By Mallorie Ann Ingram

Toy PlaneHave you ever had that one person in life that inspires you? Creatives call this a muse; someone or something that stirs up the artistic juices and gets the wheels spinning. This month, I’ve got something in mind that will help jump-start your inspirational thought process. With our active Space Coast community, sunny weather, and just the right amount of sight-seeing activities around to stay busy, it’s safe to say there is plenty to do and see here in Brevard. But I want to take this one step further. For the next several months, I plan to visit some of our local gems, discover the hidden ones, and learn new tips and tricks to send out to you, my readers. From watercolor painting classes to gardening to learning how to make a killer shrimp bisque, I have quite a running list on the agenda. After all, we can always use a little inspiration in our daily lives, so here goes! 

What’s the first, big inspiration topic on the calendar this month? Outdoor gardening. Before you snicker and say “well, that’s not that exciting,” I want to shine some light on the origin of this inspiration.  I come from a long line of green-thumb gardening gurus who, for whatever reason, did not pass that torch along to me. Last month, I was sitting on my front patio with my chocolate-lab pup, listening to the nearby ocean waves while salt air swept through my palm trees. At that moment, I realized I needed to improve my home’s curb appeal. Growing up, I witnessed my mom and grandfather plant elaborate gardens, something that always intimidated me, but my mom made a great point: start with a potted-plant garden. If you’re at all familiar with the latest trends of outdoor living spaces and what is “in,” you see this concept left and right. Furthermore, it is practical for the not-so-botanical crowd. I visited some local landscaping shops and hardware stores with the sheer purpose of finding plants and flowers that spoke to me. Low and behold, I came home with a variety of plants, ranging from pink petunias to sweet basil. Fun fact: You don’t have to buy everything brand new to create a potted-plant garden. Instead, recycle unique pieces that are collecting dust around the house. I used an old porcelain fountain, no longer working, to house my pink begonias and found some old bricks in the shed to form a planter designed with character. It’s still a work in process, but it was the bright-blue Saturday sky accompanied by some insightful thoughts from my mom that inspired me to tackle a much needed curb appeal project. 

Now, ask yourself this: what inspires you? Identify it and hold on to it because acting upon your inspirations will allow you to thrive in everything you do.  

Be sure to keep an eye out for next month’s Inspiration. Interested in a sneak peek? Send me a shout on Facebook and I’m happy to bring you along for the journey! ◆