A prominent Central Florida banker once commented,“They like us and then they find they like the way we do business.” That same formula has applied to Dr. Beverly Rose and her thriving Exceptional Dentistry practice in Melbourne for over two decades.

Though dental services are something we all see as a necessity, being able to personally connect with a dentist who genuinely cares about you as a person is what makes someone look forward to – rather than dread — dental visits. It is taking the time to not only engage with patients, but to select and train all her personnel with that outlook that causes patients to drive from as far as Vero Beach for her services.

“I have patients who have been with me since they were just kids, and now they are bringing their children to me so that the experience can continue for them,” Dr. Rose shared. Few have such an infectious enthusiasm about their work, their employees and the people who look to them for health care services.

As Much Passion as Practice

Dr. Rose began her journey towards dentistry when she had a fateful encounter with another dentist. At the time, she was trying to decide what she wanted to dofor a career. She liked the medical field, as it was a place where she could make a difference in people’s lives and gave her an opportunity for meaningful interaction.

A St. Petersburg/Tampa native, she thought about medical school or pharmacy and even worked as a pharmacy tech. Then, she met Dr. Angela Rasmussen, whose enthusiasm for dentistry spread like a wildfire in Dr. Rose.

“She had balanced her personal and professional life so well, I knew that dentistry was the place for me,” she said.

Dr. Rose volunteered in Rasmussen’s office to get a deeper understanding of what it was like, but witnessing the love Rasmussen had for what she did and her love for her patients closed the deal.

“I regularly have young women come in and shadow me or ask about a career in dentistry,” Dr. Rose said. “I get so excited sharing with them, I can hardly contain myself.”

Making Connections

When you are passionate about making meaningful connections with your patients, you realize the best way to achieve that is to have meaningful relationships with your staff. “Honestly, my staff are my best friends,” she said.

When it comes to quality of life and self-image, your dentist is often more critical than your primary physician. Dr. Rose develops that kind of trust by carefully listening to her patients’ questions and concerns. “I practice dentistry, but what I do is develop relationships and friends … I have close to 4,000 friends,” she said. “Also, my patients might be here for an hour, but I’ll only see them for 15 minutes. That means my team has to have that same sense of customer service and customer care; that is what makes this place and this team exceptional.”

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