When a student is struggling in school, it can have an impact not only on their academic development, but also their social and emotional development. Whether it be due to a behavioral issue, learning disability, or developmental disorder, challenges in the classroom are frustrating for both the child and the parent, who may find themselves searching for help but not knowing where to start. Some may not know exactly what a school psychologist does, and consequently may not realize that they have someone to turn to for help who can provide them with effective, transformative guidance.
So, what is a school psychologist? School psychologists complete either a specialist level degree program or a doctorate degree in their fields, with training in data collection, assessment, behavioral interventions, risk factors, consultations, and more. They might work in a private or public school, preschool, or start their own practice, providing support for students and parents, as well as assisting teachers and administrators in order to create environments designed to improve the performance of students who may learn in different ways or at different paces. as well as foster a safe, productive environment for social and emotional development.
A school psychologist uses specialized knowledge and experience, adapting to individual students challenges. Thriough assessments and evaluations, they can work to create individualized curriculum, maintain motivation, and understand behaviors. In addition, they promote understanding and communication between the student’s family and teachers, ensuring that they can work together to help the student be successful.
By listening to the students and the parents’ concerns, conducting assessments, and implementing solutions or providing materials modified for the individual, a school psychologist works towards the success of each student. For more information, visit www.nasponline.org.

At School Psychology and Educational Solutions, Inc., Dr. Elisa Yoho offers services and evaluations in Brevard County for children who may be experiencing difficulties in the classroom. Contact her by email at elisa@spaesi.com, or by phone at ( 321) 594-2536.