Diseased veins can be a source of chronic discomfort, fatigue and often disability. They may hinder people from being able to be as active as they would like and it can even virtually incapacitate others, especially the elderly. Such was the case for a patient who sought the help of Dr. Hai Kenney at Vascular Vein Centers. A formerly healthy woman with an active lifestyle who went on long walks with her dog, had over years developed progressive discomfort, heaviness and fatigue in her legs. She could no longer take those long walks. After seeing Kenney and completing a treatment plan, she was able to return to her former active lifestyle, walking her dog without discomfort and fatigue “I’m happier now and so is my dog thanks to Kenney’s expertise.”

Vein Specialists

Brevard County is privileged to have someone of Kenney’s experience and compassion using the latest proven technology to combat venous disease. Vascular Vein Centers has a history of treating venous disease for over 20 years and has been an innovator in minimally invasive procedures. Recently, Vascular Vein Centers and Kenney have joined forces to bring the latest and proven technology to the Space Coast. Every Day patients are seen who have advanced skin changes including persistent swelling, dry, itchy, scaly skin in the lower leg and ankle, and even ulcers caused by longstanding vein disease. In addition, they frequently see patients who have developed clots in their deep veins which can not only lead to problems with vein function but also can be a risk for a pulmonary embolus, a potentially life-threatening situation in which a clot dislodges from the leg, passes up to the lungs, and blocks the oxygenation of blood. With venous insufficiency, there is a relative “back-up” of blood in the legs due to poorly functioning valves in the veins which do not keep blood pressing toward the heart. This “back-up” can result in not only discomfort, but can eventually cause swelling and later skin changes. Venous disease affects approximately 25 million Americans but is often unappreciated by both doctors and patients. In the past, it has been seen as a cosmetic issue and often dismissed as something a person can live with. It is not uncommon for Vascular Vein Centers to see patients who are seeking a cosmetic solution to embarrassing spider veins in the legs. With workup, it is not unusual to find that there is a significant underlying venous component which is causing not only the spider veins but under-appreciated symptoms, and the spiders represent just the “tip of the iceberg.”

Where Varicosities Can Develop

Varicose veins- the bulging veins that can be seen or felt in the leg- can be caused by an inherited weakness in the vein wall, age occupation (especially those who stand or sit for prolonged periods), pregnancy and even injury.

Vascular Vein Centers specializes in the treatment of venous and lymphatic problems. It is not just one of many things they do, as the case with many practices. The treatments are minimally invasive and consistent of using a laser beam to close veins, as opposed to the former surgical treatment in which veins were tied off and removed from the leg. Closure is less painful and the recovery period is essentially non-existent. Blood is re-routed into healthy veins.

In addition to laser closure of diseased veins at Vascular Vein Centers, foam sclerotherapy is used to take care of the visible or underlying varicose veins. This is done by injecting a foam sclerosant into the vein which irritates the vein wall and causes it to close.

Solving the Problem

A careful history and physical is taken on all patients and if a medical problem is diagnosed, the next step is the performance of an ultrasound of the leg by a registered technologist (R.V.T.) in our IAC approved facility. The importance of the IAC is that they are an organization which carefully scrutinizes facilities and only when they meet a high level of performance they are approved as a center of excellence.

Kenney also states it is very important, in conjunction to his treatments, to have certain lifestyle alterations. The most significant of theses is wearing compression stockings or compression devised which improve the venous circulation of the leg and decreases swelling. This is something he asks his patients to continue even after the treatments re completed. In addition, it is very important to carefully moisturize the legs at least twice a day because of the skin changes that occur with vein disease. In the case of patients who are significantly overweight, they are encouraged to lose weight as this will place less strain on the venous system. If a patient pursues treatment of their veins and complies with the lifestyle measures,  Kenney feels they can have a long and fulfilling life of unlimited activity.

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