by Mallorie Ann Ingram

After stepping foot in one of Brevard’s most unique, high-end fashion boutiques, customers are greeted by more than chic styles and trendy decor. The furry and lovable Tucker, a cavachon, and store owner Jennifer Mayer’s right-hand man, brings that little something extra to the shop. If that doesn’t put a smile on a shopper’s face, nothing will. 

“We have people call and ask if Tucker is working today,” Mayer says. “We’re definitely a pet-friendly store and welcome other pets, but we offer so much more than that.” 

Why the emphasis on creating this type of environment? For starters, the Scout & Molly’s franchise was named after the founder’s two Labs and each store has a painting of the pups on the wall. Then there are the products and brands displayed throughout. Many support some type of cause. In fact, the business plan for the store is based around a Christian philosophy of “doing for others.” 


“Many of our products have a story behind them,” Mayer says. “We want customers to enjoy our relaxed atmosphere and find what they’re looking for, while having a portion of the purchases go toward an organization that needs support.” 

Here’s a look at some of the brands doing just that at Scout & Molly’s. 

n:PHILANTHROPY: This collection of unique tanks, vegan leather, chic joggers and more tell a story. A percentage of proceeds goes toward the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, the ASPCA, and local animal charities. 

Bee Attitudes: A women-owned clothing and accessories brand offering hip-styles, all supporting women healing from sex trafficking. A percentage of proceeds goes to Thistle Farms in Nashville to help women recover and start a new life. 

Liv N Grace: This jewelry line was created to not only honor a young woman who touched many lives, but also support the McKenzie Noelle Wilson Foundation, an organization that helps young people through mentoring and development programs. 

These brands highlight just a few of the products with a cause carried at the store, but there is one more element Mayer strives to bring to her store: taking an extra step to make each person’s shopping experience like no other. 

“We make sure our jewelry is handmade and not mass-produced,” Mayer says. “We also send out hand-written thank you cards and birthday cards to our customers to show we care.” 

Other products include Twine & Twig all natural jewelry that supports various charitable groups, DIFF eyewear that donates a pair of glasses to someone in need for every purchase made, and tons more. 

“We are trying to become a store where people in Brevard can get their favorite brands without having to travel to Orlando,” Mayer says. 

Mayer is excited about the future and looks forward to being involved with local charitable events to give support to deserving organizations. Then there is Tucker, who is always ready to warm a heart. ◆