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Story and Photos By: Steven Hicks

We’re going to break from the standard format for an UpFront article and take this one more personally. We love cake. Let’s get that right out of the way. When CakeKrush owner Stephanie Enriquez offered to come to our offices and meet our staff (with samples), we jumped at the chance. So, our interview process was more a group tasting with a little discussion about CakeKrush, Enriquez’s insights on wedding cakes and how great it was to have her bring us some.

Enriquez arrived with an awesome selection of flavors and designs. Key lime. Strawberry. Butterscotch. Double chocolate. We asked if a wedding typically featured one or the other, or if there was a most popular choice, and discovered that she most often delivers five or more different flavors for guests to choose. She also tells us more cake is eaten when served as cupcakes as opposed to the more traditional cake form. “I still do wedding cakes, but the options and opportunities cupcakes provide often make the decision easy for the bride,” Enriquez said. We wondered out loud how the bridal couple honored other cake-related traditions like the first bite and saving the top layer for their first anniversary. In true CakeKrush form, the answers were creative and bride-friendly: “We often supply a single-layer ‘smash cake’ just for photos of the couple cutting the cake,” she added. But when it comes to saving that top layer? “No one really wants a bite of a year-old, freezer-burned cake. If the couple asks, we’ll make them a small anniversary cake just for the occasion,” Enriquez said.

CakeKrush is the most recent addition to Bella Fleur’s design studio in Melbourne. With Enriquez coming on board as a partner, Charlotte Wienckoski’s Bella Fleur has become the place to check off two of the most important aspects of any wedding, the flowers and the cake. Brides love the creativity from both the baker and floral designer and how they tie the two services together to make them more memorable. “A wedding ceremony is all about the dedication of the couple to each other, but as a celebration, it is all about the sights, scents and flavors. We’ll make all of that perfect,” Enriquez offered. Brides also love tasting their cake before that big day, and CakeKrush makes miniatures for just that reason. The attention to detail here is second to none.

As this is our wedding issue, let’s hear from a couple of brides on their experiences with CakeKrush.

Heather K. of Melbourne said, “While planning our wedding, people told us the cake is one of the most important pieces. I was at a loss and had no idea where to even start to look for a cake designer. Then I met Stephanie. My husband and I got married eight months ago and people are still talking about how amazing our cupcakes were! CakeKrush did an amazing job, went above and beyond and truly outdid themselves.”

Haley G. of Tampa offered this: “We are so happy we used CakeKrush for our wedding cake. Stephanie made us a three- tiered cake and cupcakes for a total of 230 guests. They were everything we wanted and more. Gorgeous, delicious and a great value! My husband doesn’t even like cake normally, but he loved the chocolate cake. Many of our guests said it was the best wedding cake they’d ever had.”

Lastly, CakeKrush is much more than wedding cakes. From that perfect birthday cake (or cupcakes) to the delivery of a dozen or two amazing treats to your office, Enriquez is only limited by not knowing about your event. Give CakeKrush a call, describe the celebration, and you will be amazed at the cake she creates.