Plan Your Party Now!

While this is only September, now is the time to plan those holiday parties and get-togethers! Two of the most popular restaurants in our area, River Rocks and Island Pasta Company, are already booking events. SpaceCoast Living talked to Terrence Crovo of the Thornado Hospitality Group about these local icons.

Crovo tells us, “One of our priorities right now is on our event and banquet space. We’ve begun to emphasize that aspect of the business. Located in Historic Downtown Melbourne, Island Pasta offers an entirely separate event space across from the actual restaurant.  It’s a great venue for corporate events, but also for small intimate receptions, baby showers and parties. River Rocks, located off the beautiful Indian River Lagoon, offers waterfront views. It has a high brand awareness and when people plan an event held at River Rocks, it’s perceived as really special.”

Not everyone wants an event at a local restaurant or banquet facility; sometimes an event needs to be at corporate headquarters, branch office or even at someone’s home. “If you can’t have your party at River Rocks or Island Pasta, having it catered by us can carry the same panache,” Crovo said. “We’ve just started outside catering from River Rocks, and we’re excited about the possibilities.”

Both locations began booking holiday dates last month, so now is the time to get your party planning into high gear. Crovo says, “Besides the many holiday parties, we also hold meetings weekly with financial groups, clubs and pharmaceutical companies. We host quite a few different events in our banquet space, from small groups to booking the entire restaurant. We can cater events on-site with heavy hors d’eouvres, buffet or plated selection.”

Events at Island Pasta will comfortably hold about 75 to 80 people. Crovo adds, “Depending on the weather, in cooler times, we can accommodate larger groups by adding the breezeway area. We’ve had events book the entire restaurant and banquet space as well.” Events at River Rocks run the gamut from 50-100 to a couple of hundred when booking the entire restaurant. River Rocks offers multiple areas, rooms and bars to customize the space for your group.

Catering by River Rocks is just now coming online. “This is an exciting new venture for us,” Crovo says. “We’re starting with a small offering and have done several events privately which has allowed us to test the waters.”

Now is the time to put a little extra push in your party planning. There are still good dates available at both locations for big or small events through New Year’s Eve.

For more information contact Gabrielle Rush, Thornado’s Event Director at or at 321-837-3471 (Ext. 304).