Unique Wedding Venues on the Space Coast

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Selecting a wedding venue is a big decision for any couple. But bigger is not always better when it comes to making your decision. If you have a more intimate affair in mind, with just family and a few friends, consider a few of these local, no-less gorgeous spots right here in our backyard.

Unique Wedding Venues on the Space Coast

Pineapple Park | Photo by Shaun Hough

Hidden Gems in the Eau Gallie Arts District 

A hidden venue is one that is not obvious or easily known. These treasures, recommended by Lisa Packard, Eau Gallie Arts District Main Street’s executive director, are certainly worth exploring.

“The courtyard at Joan’s Perfect Pies and Eau Gallie Florist is quaint and lovely and they are amenable to such things, particularly in the evening hours,” Lisa said.

Pineapple Park, located next to the Eau Gallie Library, has a lovely round pavilion (with electricity) that is rentable through the Eau Gallie Civic Center for less than $100. It is on the river so the whole thing is shady under an old live oak tree. The Eau Gallie Library has a pier that could easily be used for a small quick wedding.

For the Love of Food! 

If one of your favorite restaurants has a private dining room or outside courtyard, consider these spaces for a ceremony and reception. The Black Tulip, River Rocks and many other local favorites have private dining areas, gardens or courtyards.

Unique Wedding Venues on the Space Coast

Foosaner Art Museum

An Art Lover’s Dream 

If a nearby museum has an exhibit of a favorite artist, say your “I do’s” standing by a beautiful piece of art. The Foosaner Art Museum also has a beautiful pergola walkway.

When planning a smaller affair, you might be less hindered by logistics like food, seating, decor, costs, etc. You can use your imagination to personalize the event but you might also run into some unique bumps in the road as well. Consider these tips before you book: 

  • View the facilities at the time of day when you plan to be there for the ceremony and reception.
  • Explore the possible catering options.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions – make a list and take it with you.
  • Consider guests’ parking options and accessibility.
  • Are there limitations on decorations?
  • If outdoors, make sure to have a backup plan for rain or other inclement weather. Is there a place that you can put up a tent?

When looking at separate wedding reception venues and ceremony locations:

  • How far is it from one location to the other?
  • Do the two places have the same level of formality and a coordinating style?
  • Do they both accommodate about the same number of guests?

When looking for wedding venues for both ceremony and reception:

  • What are the seating options for guests?
  • Does the wedding venue have an entirely separate area for the ceremony?
  • If not, how long does it typically take for the staff to change over the room?


The fun of the search is discovering what inspires you to create an unforgettable experience set in a unique, local gem.

This article appears in the July 2015 issue of SpaceCoast Living.
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