Having a clean, functional home helps make the home more enjoyable. In general, garages do not seem to get the same attention that the rest of a home gets, yet they are equally important for storage purposes. Garages not only house cars but can also function as an extra storage unit for items that don’t have a place in main living areas.

However, it is important to understand the difference between a garage and a storage unit. Yes, you can store excess furniture in your garage. But, if your garage can no longer house your vehicles, you may need to call an expert. Garage Experts of Brevard customizes your garage space to fit your individual needs, from flooring to storage space.

Garage Experts is a national garage floor renovating company with a local branch in Brevard. According to Ryan Burke, owner of Garage Experts of Brevard, garages are often the last place people think of remodeling. The rest of the home comes first. “It’s a service that I think is important for customers that want a clean space [and] an extension of their living space,” Burke said. Our garages can become a place of stress and discomfort when they become filled with items with which we cannot part or for which we have no space. Because we don’t have basements in Florida, storage space is important, but we can’t let these spaces become too cluttered. Garage Experts can install cabinets to help you set your items aside and make way for your car.

Burke said he spent many years in law enforcement and later was a director and consultant in retail. “I wanted to do something that I thought was a needed service in the community,” Burke said. Watching all the growth in Viera and the surrounding areas on the Space Coast convinced him that helping homeowners make better use of their garages was that needed service.

Since your garage is an extension of your home, it should receive the same amount of attention as your living space. “I’m excited about what I do because we’re able to take somebody’s dirty, dusty garage and transform it into something beautiful,” Burke said. He shared that the company loves being able to provide a tangible service for its customers, and he enjoys interacting with them; it is important to him that customers are happy and get a quality product for a great price. Burke says the service is custom, and drawings are provided for customers so they can see how the space will look before any installation begins.

According to Burke, one of the most popular services Garage Experts of Brevard provides is epoxy flooring. Epoxy floor coating is long-lasting and will “enhance the look of your garage, making it easy to clean,” Burke said. The flooring is also used for patios, commercial, industrial and other residential spaces.

If you are ready to be able to use your garage for its intended purpose, as well as to store items that have no place in your house, call Garage Experts of Brevard today for all your garage flooring and storing needs!

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