By Mallorie Ann Ingram

Aspirations-5-ways-welcome-spring-homeSpring is here and so is your ever-growing to-do list of outdoor projects. From a garden refresh to the looming garage revamp still lingering from last spring’s list, to a quick spritz of stucco cleaning, it’s safe to say this outdoor project list adds quite a bit to your Saturday cleaning ritual.  It’s going to take willpower, endurance and possibly some help from a few local experts. These five easy tips will get your home sparkling from top to bottom for the warmer months ahead.

  1. Let’s tackle the garage with a makeover. Look past the mile-high clutter accumulation toppling over the thought of “Why do I keep everything?” and stay focused. Consider investing in various storage bins and shelving. Need a handyman to help make the most of your space? There are many here in Brevard County to help get the job done without you having to lift a finger.
  2. Now it’s time to refresh the garden. Probably one of the most enjoyable outdoor projects that shows the quickest results is sprucing up the florals. Add some bright colors to your planter with pentas or evolvulus, something sure to thrive in our climate. A splash of basil and other herbs, as well as some succulents will also make your outdoor living area something to talk about. Still not sure what to choose? Take a trip to your local store’s garden center and ask the experts there.
  3. On to the next task. Own a pressure washer? Good! You’re ahead of the game. Realistically, though, most of us don’t have one of these collecting dust in the shed. However, there are a few companies that will get your home, sidewalks and driveway sparkling in no
    time, literally.
  4. Here’s a fun idea. Considering painting your front door a new color. Before you ask why, let me share my personal experience. It takes just a couple of coats and a sunny afternoon to completely transfer your home’s curb appeal. Earlier this year, I decided to choose a deep, cobalt-blue color that not only made my front porch stand out, but it opened the door for other great additions to my patio’s color scheme.
  5. This leads right into the last, but certainly not least, tip: Outdoor furniture. But wait, you just bought a new patio set not too long ago? No problem. Consider switching up the seat cushions, bringing in fun elements of style with prints and colors. Blues, yellows, pinks and the like are great options to choose.

With these simple tips, your home is ready to enjoy the fresh air of spring. Go tackle that list!