With Amy Ziesel

Not sure where to go on your next vacation? Not to worry. Planning a trip just got a whole lot easier thanks to travel expert and owner of Coral Reef Travel, Amy Ziesel. Whether you’re a couple ready to tie the knot and anxious to plan the honeymoon, or you’re simply in need of a fresh, new vacation destination, Ziesel has it covered from
A to Z. What makes this traveling guru so unique is she practices what she preaches. In other words, Ziesel makes it a point to visit each location to learn firsthand what her customers may need or be interested in. Then the detailed process begins. 

“I ask interview questions to determine what my customers want,” Ziesel says. “What people do during their normal everyday life might be different than what they want on a honeymoon. Typically, when someone tells me they want something tropical for their honeymoon, chances are they want the look and feel of a Bora Bora-type setting without the long plane ride.” 



Belmond Cap Juluca (pictured above), a breathtaking Anguilla resort, is a wonderful example. This tropical destination is ideal for those wanting a relaxation escape to paradise. “Fabulous, luxury, top of the line, out of your room, toes in the sand, speculator dining, and you don’t see the next hotel nearby — it’s private,” Ziesel says.





COMO Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos, is a perfect stop for those seeking holistic therapies, yoga, and other activities.

“It’s a little private island with 60 rooms and some of the most outstanding foods and spa experiences you have ever had,” Ziesel says.







Santa Caterina, Amalfi, Italy is one of Ziesel’s favorite destinations may have a bit of a plane ride but it’s more than worth it. Step inside a world like no other at Santa Caterina, Amalfi, Italy, with mountainous views, crystal waters and levels of architectural beauty that will “knock your socks off.” 







St. Regis Princeville, a Kauai resort, is filled with sophistication and luxury, with a wide variety of excursions and mouthwatering cuisine. The views at sunset cannot be put into words. “I had one of my customers call me as he sat with his family at sunset to say his wife was crying at its splendor and beauty,” Ziesel says. “He couldn’t stop thanking me.” 




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