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Like Dorothy said, there’s truly no place like home. March’s issue is all about that special place most of us go to relax, recharge and unwind — our home.

Having a place to call home is both a necessity and a blessing. Unfortunately, there are people (including children) who are homeless in Brevard County. There are ways you can help, consider volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, make a donation to Brevard Rescue Mission or support any of the many local organizations that are working to break the cycle of homelessness:


Brevard Neighborhood Development Coalition
(321) 253-4214


Brevard Rescue Mission
(321) 480-9100


Children’s Home Society of Florida
(321) 752-3170


Coalition for the Hungry and Homeless of Brevard County
(321) 639-0166


Community Housing Initiative
(321) 253-0053


Habitat for Humanity of Brevard County
(321) 728-4009


National Veterans Homeless Support
(321) 208-7562


North Brevard Charities Sharing Center
(321) 269-6555


Salvation Army
(321) 724-0494


South Brevard Sharing Center

*Please note: This list is not meant to be encompassing of all organizations in Brevard.