Anthony and Lisa Bogo of Studio Tile & Stone

By Eric Wright

We live in a world of specialization. Regardless of the field, we place the greatest value not on the generalist, whether in medicine, technology or sports, but on the one who is recognized as the expert in that specific arena.

That is the only way to describe Anthony and Lisa Bogo. They do not sell carpet, and they do not do wood or vinyl flooring; they are masters at tile and marble. The infinite variety, marvelous textures and transformative impact of tile has captured their imagination, much like color captured French impressionist Claude Monet.

The Connection

Anthony Bogo, who grew up in Naples, Italy, came to this country and, after serving in the Navy, began working for a flooring company while in college. He moved from installation to sales and then came face to face with something that connected, like a primal attraction, to his childhood: ceramic tile.

Bogo recalled, “The Basilica, where I served as an altar boy, was beautiful. It had a large open courtyard, which was exquisitely landscaped with fruit trees and grape vines. Suddenly, I remembered the colorful and ornate tile that covered the many columns and stone benches.”

From His Homeland to Your Home

Italy has always been to tile what Silicon Valley is to technology. Not only is it where most of the innovations in manufacturing tile have been developed, it is also where most of the design trends originate. Bogo soon became a manufacturer executive, importing and distributing high-end Italian tile products throughout the United States. He has made hundreds of trips to Italy, as the desire and demand for tile in the United States increased over the past 30 years.

For Lisa Bogo, Anthony’s wife, the love for tile came from an aesthetic awakening. An art and design major, she worked for a time in the corporate world, but when she went to work for a tile company, everything came together.

“For me, the client’s space became the canvas, whether it was the bath, the entryway or the kitchen,” she acknowledged. “It was the perfect blend of beauty and practicality.”

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