Suntree Pharmacy Offers Options for Your Medication

Nonsterile drug compounding is the millennia-old practice of preparing specific medication doses for patients to drink, swallow, insert or apply to the skin. It is the most common kind of drug compounding done by pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in community and hospital pharmacies. And despite its “nonsterile” designation, making customized dosages according to legal and professional standards requires adhering to strict rules for ensuring and maintaining active pharmaceutical ingredient purity and potency; ensuring the accuracy of mixing; providing proper packaging, storage and labeling; and keeping all work surfaces and equipment as clean as possible.   

Suntree Pharmacy is a locally owned, independent, full-service pharmacy. With a well-educated and highly capable staff, Suntree Pharmacy serves the local community in providing options for medication. One of those is sterile medicine which is medicine made in an environment free of contaminants. It is primarily used for medicine that has to be injected.

Nonsterile Drug Compounding vs. Sterile Drug Compounding

The biggest distinction between nonsterile compounding and sterile compounding concerns how the drugs get administered. Medication intended for injection, infusion or application to the eye must be compounded according to the rules and standards for sterile compounding because bacteria or fungi present in the parts-per-trillion range can put patients’ lives at risk.

“There is no particular demographic for whom sterile medicine would not be recommended due to any particular risk,” Mike Peterson of Suntree Pharmacy explains. “The appropriateness of the medication would be determined by the customer and their physician, as is the case with any medication in any form.”

Sterile medication options are as numerous as non-sterile prescribed medication. Due to a well-educated and highly
capable staff, Suntree Pharmacy is able to offer a wide variety
of sterile medication.

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