The Refinery MedSpa and Wellness opened September 2018 in West Melbourne. Jarrod and Karin Stoldt, the husband and wife team who own and manage it, dedicated themselves to develop a facility that offers a very diversified portfolio of aesthetics and wellness treatments in southern Brevard. They each have over 25 years of experience in the medical field and wanted to bring their passion for aesthetics and wellness with quality care and positive clinical outcomes to the community.

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“We did extensive research,” said Jarrod Stoldt, “and what we found was that no one here (at Hammock Landing in West Melbourne), and the surrounding area was offering all of the treatments we provide, at the price points we wanted to offer them with the highest standards of care possible.”

Specifically, the dynamic team (if you know them, you know this), wanted to provide non-surgical and minimally-invasive aesthetic and wellness treatments to people who might be more inclined and comfortable in a relaxed modern spa setting versus a medical office environment.

Photography by Jason Hook

“We believe everyone who wants to make themselves look better, and feel better, should have the opportunity for it,” said Karin Stoldt, a registered nurse, former Air Force medic, and treatment coordinator at the spa. Jarrod divides his time between medical device sales and administrative, marketing and finance duties.

The Refinery MedSpa is a licensed health care clinic through AHCA, the Agency for Health Care Administration, and has Michael L. Grainger MD as medical director for oversight. Jarrod Stoldt said the couple decided to seek this accreditation so the MedSpa could offer an extremely wide range of medical aesthetic and wellness treatments using FDA-approved equipment and consumables.

The Refinery Medspa is now offering an individualized 15-week weight loss program with maintenance options that will provide a mentor to help clients reach their goals. The Refinery Medspa will also be partnering with local gyms to enroll these clients into exercise programs that encourage the adoption of healthy lifestyle changes.

For those already following consistent eating habits and exercise routines, The Refinery MedSpa offers body contouring to eliminate stubborn areas of fat through FDA-cleared Coolsculpting™, and now Cooltone,™ a revolutionary new procedure that is FDA-cleared to tone and enhance muscles in the abs, glutes and thighs through a series of equipment-induced magnetic muscle contractions that mimic exercise crunches and squats.

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A full range of services are also offered, from recognized enhancements such as waxing, eyelash extensions, microblading, facials and peels, to a comprehensive line of injectables, laser hair removal, microneedling with PRP (Platelet-Rich-Plasma) for correcting fine lines and wrinkles as well as hair regrowth and the award-winning treatment Hydrafacial MD ©, combining three facials in one.

Additional services, or refinements, include specialty services such as Whole Body Cryotherapy, a step-in cryosauna that uses hot and cold therapy to move blood through the body’s core to remove toxins and enrich the blood, distributing it back to the body’s peripheral tissues.

“It’s an incredible therapy, one that I do three times each week,” said Jarrod Stoldt.

The result is that the “enriched” blood, energized with oxygen, nutrients and enzymes is infused into muscle tissue and joints helping decrease inflammation and increasing range of motion all while burning 400-800 calories per session. This therapy is used by athletes, celebrities, people with chronic pain and can help with chronic diseases such as fibromyalgia and arthritis. Currently, The Refinery MedSpa is the only facility in Brevard offering this therapy, said Jarrod Stoldt.

Photography by Jason Hook

Other treatments that target wellness include B12 injections to combat fatigue and increase stamina, Glutathione Injections to replace important antioxidants lost over life span due to aging and environmental toxins. Lipotropic Injections that aid the body in releasing stored fat deposits, increase metabolism and promoting healthy liver function.

The broad array of treatments helps keep customers on the cutting edge of wellness and medical aesthetics improving appearance, health, and quality of life.

The Refinery MedSpa and Wellness is in the Hammock Landing shopping plaza at 4311 Norfolk Parkway, Suite 114, West Melbourne. For information, visit online at or call (321) 339-1576.

Refinery Medspa & Wellness
The Refinery Medspa & Wellness started as a dream shared by Karin Stoldt, RN, CME, LE, and her husband, Jarrod Stoldt. After dedicating their lives to the medical field, Karin and Jarrod were inspired to create a restorative space for both women and men who want to take care of themselves inside and out. They decided to open a medical spa focused on providing leading aesthetic and wellness treatments. Karin and Jarrod’s vision became The Refinery Medspa & Wellness, a state-of-the-art medspa offering the highest quality of non-surgical and non-invasive aesthetic treatments for maximum results with minimal to no downtime. Paired with cutting-edge wellness and beauty services, The Refinery is committed to helping you realize your personal best for optimal health and beauty at every age.

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