Though water is one of earth’s most plentiful resources, water quality is everyone’s concern: it affects the purity and taste (and smell) of the water we drink, impacts our skin and hair from bathing, and the softness of our clothes from washing. Water quality really is a quality of life issue that affects our lives, home and businesses. Whether your home or business is connected to city water or well water, improving the quality of your water is certainly a wise decision.

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Few know these things better than Dan O’Brien of GW Pumps & Purification in Melbourne. For decades, he’s been guiding homeowners and businesses through the labyrinth of products and helping trouble shoot challenges with repairs, replacements and new installations.

“My family was in this business, so I grew up around the dinner table discussing water quality and installation challenges,” he said.

During college, Dan dove into the family business due to a family health crisis, learning operations from the inside out. Eventually, he said, it was this industry that brought him to Florida from Colorado with his wife Stacey more than a decade ago. After arriving on the Space Coast, they helped design and develop a proprietary brand of water treatment equipment called Purefect Water Solutions.

Water, it seems, is in Dan’s blood.

Expertise Matters

In a market flooded with products being pitched online, in big box stores and home improvement outlets, his extensive background in the industry and work doing treatment systems for medical facilities – where there is zero tolerance for error – GW Pumps & Purification offers an uncommon level of expertise. Plus, Dan and the company are licensed plumbing contractors and that experience ensures the correct installation process is completed on the first try.

O’Brien said he chooses to approach the needs of each client like a physician might diagnose a patient. Every situation is different. The water in different parts of the country is different. Another consideration: how water treatment systems work in southern climates differs from how they work in northern ones.

“Testing the water supply and understanding expected usage, where the system is installed (garage, in the house or outdoors) are all factors which require special consideration,” he said.

What’s in our Water?

Water is considered a “universal solvent,” meaning even in the best conditions it will pick up contaminants such as calcium, iron, magnesium and others, which both affect taste and produce residues that are difficult to clean – such as shower scale and water spots. When environmental and human impacts are added on top of that, such as air pollution, salt intrusion, insecticides, industrial or landfill leakage, water quality is further compromised.

Outfitting your home or business with proper filtration and purification equipment is the only way to scrub the unwanted particles out of the precious resource we so dearly depend upon.

According to the O’Briens, the health and lifestyle benefits of proper water treatment are numerous… and sometimes surprising.

IN THE BATHROOM: This is where most people directly experience the benefits of a system such as Purefect. It helps soap to lather better and clean as it should, then rinses almost everything off completely. This system also helps eliminate soap scum and mineral deposits that require constant cleaning with harsh chemicals.

IN THE LAUNDRY: With Purefect, washing machines require significantly less detergent, resulting in savings of up to 50 percent on detergent. Plus, garments maintain more vibrant colors and people with sensitive skin enjoy the more complete rinsing and lower detergent levels. Also, cold water washing delivers better results than in hot, hard water.

IN THE KITCHEN: Some restaurants use Purefect systems to make sure glass- es and dishes are more spot free. Also, most of GW’s systems usually include a drinking water system that improves not only the taste of water, but also the taste of coffee, tea and other water-based beverages.

THROUGHOUT THE HOUSE: The cost of replacing water heaters, dish and clothes washers is reduced because Purefect helps extend the life of the equipment.

Earthwise & Globally Responsible

GW Pumps & Purification has high standards, but also – as a company – is willing to put its money where its water is. As a self-described Earthwise Company, the organization supports sustainable efforts to protect the earth and has committed to provide environmentally friendly services to minimize environmental impact. Additionally, the company has helped organize and participate in water projects in Third World countries and via local community events which directly benefit others.

GW Pumps and Purification is located at 424 South Babcock St., Melbourne, and services Space Coast area homes, businesses, hospitals, hotels and industry. For more information, or call 321-779-2837.

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