Perfect as fall palate cleansers, Tropical Mango Moscato and Tropical Passion Fruit Moscato are two sparkling wines from the Italian region of Asti that are blended with real tropical mangos and passion fruits, respectively. These refreshing sparkling wines evoke feelings of sunshine and paradise in a glass and go great with fall’s sweeter fare.

Try a Tropical Moscato wine during your holiday gatherings. Bringing a bottle of bubbly is a welcome addition and your host would probably love for you to do the hozors of popping the cork (they are, after all, busy slaving away in the kitchen, and could certainly use a glass). Since bubbly is great with dessert, it’s a good idea to bring something with a bit of residual sugar. The slight sweetness of the wine will complement the sugar in the sweets. The high acidity of the bubbly will also keep your palate refreshed after the heavy meal.

Tropical Moscato is made in the Piedmont region of Italy, where the city of Asti is located. Asti is where the Moscato grape originated. This particular region has the perfect microclimate to produce this vibrant and fruity varietal. The combination of cool temperatures and a blend of limestone and sandstone soils allow for suitable vineyard hydration and bring out rich flavors in the grapes. These two wines come from vineyards located in Santo Stefano Belbo villages, at 200 to 300 ft. above sea level.

These Moscato wines get their sparkle using a traditional fermentation method until they reach 5.5 percent alcohol. The wines then undergo cold fermentation and aging in stainless steel vats for ten days, then blended with the mangos or passion fruits and bottled.

Tropical Moscato Cranberry Orange Spritz

Perfect for holiday meals, this wine spritzer has some sweetness to cut the dryness of turkey and matches well with stuffing
and cranberries.

Champagne and red wine are great to serve and sip during holiday gatherings, but a way to make your holiday party really stand out this year is by serving a specialty cocktail. With bright flavors from the tropics and classic holiday ingredients, the tropical moscato cranberry orange spritz will bring festive and tropical flare to your holiday party. The tropical moscato cranberry orange spritz is a holiday cocktail using Tropical Passion Fruit Moscato. This moscato is blended with authentic Brazilian fruit and moscato grapes from the Italian region of Asti. On the nose, you’ll be able to smell vibrant floral notes. Without being over cloying or sweet, you can taste bright, sweet, fresh fruit that ends with a balanced finish on the palate. It can be dessert on its own, but isn’t sweet enough to scare the
skeptics away.

This drink is an easy way to add some extra holiday cheer to your gatherings this season. If you want to make the tropical moscato cranberry orange spritz for you and your guests, view the step by step recipe below.


3 oz Tropical Passion Fruit Moscato

1 ½ oz Cointreau or other orange liqueur

1 oz vodka

2 oz cranberry juice

½ oz orange juice

garnish: cranberries and orange slices

Mix the orange liqueur, vodka, cranberry juice, and orange juice in a shaker with ice and shake. Then strain into a glass. Top with Tropical Passion Fruit Moscato and stir. Garnish with cranberries and orange slice.