No Downtime, No Incisions, Instant Results - By Alisha Crabtree

Advancements in current cosmetic technology are enabling individuals to undergo non-invasive procedures putting off traditional surgical facelift results. Patients appreciate and admire results without the unwelcoming post-operative effects, including facial discomfort and extensive healing time. Millennials and baby boomers alike are increasingly turning to less-invasive techniques to promote youthful appearance. Exclusively performed by Dr. Anita Saluja, a board-certified dermatologist, at Dermatology + Plastic Surgery, the ultra-modern “miracle facial lift,” known as the Y LIFT, delivers on the promise of enhanced looks without scalpels and sutures.

A “Structural Volumizing” Philosophy

Described as a revolutionary and minimally invasive facial contouring technique, the Y LIFT replenishes lost volume by lifting, filling and sculpting the face to reflect an enhanced youthful, beautiful, restored, rejuvenated and natural appearance.

“The Y LIFT is disciplined and methodized on a ‘structural volumizing’ philosophy,” said Saluja.

Throughout the aging process, one loses the youthful volume and elasticity keeping the face perky, plump and supple. The results are wrinkling and sagging skin. This procedure not only replenishes lost volume and restores ideal facial contours, but enhances the natural features making the procedure suitable for men and women. It resurrects and accentuates the cheekbone region, revives under-eye hollowness, defines the jawline, rids unpleasant jowls and vitalizes the upper neck area, all while producing instant results.

Benefits of the Y LIFT

Performed under a local anesthetic, patients may immediately resume daily activities post procedure. Individuals may feel slight tenderness, soreness and possible minor bruising; however, effects subside within one to two weeks. The technique has a built-in safety, being one of the few procedures that is completely reversible.

The Y LIFT lasts one to three years. Individual results vary based on metabolic rates. Periodic touch-ups are recommended to maintain the effects of the procedure.

A Customized and Individualistic Approach

The Y LIFT uses a specialized titanium instrument inserted beneath the skin and skin fillers to instantly lift and contour the muscles, fascia and fat. The rejuvenated face is then sculpted to accent, enhance and highlight the individual’s natural beauty.

“We utilize a very individualistic approach by closely studying the facial structure of each patient and fully customize the procedure to the patient resulting in natural accents of specific features,” explained Saluja.

Best Self

No two patients are alike – their treatment plans should be just as unique. Dr. Saluja, Central Florida’s esteemed number one volume aesthetic injector, will customize your Y LIFT. If the Y LIFT is not best for you, Dr. Saluja and her partner, Dr. Rebecca Novo, a double board-certified plastic surgeon, have a unique array of modern surgical and nonsurgical approaches for your best self.

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Pre Y Lift
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