The “good life” means … securing the social, health and wellness services you deserve.

By Doreen Boudreau, Director of Marketing Buena Vida Estates

Key benefits of social activities in retirement communities:

1. Relationship building: Social activities with other people in senior communities provide a meeting place to interact with peers and other like-minded people. It creates a sense of camaraderie and helps build friendships. A person with a higher level of social activity is about twice as likely to remain free of a disability involving activities of daily living according to Rush University Medical Center.

2. Independence: Having things to do!  Social activities encourage a sense of purpose and independence where you are in control and choose what to do with your time.  Whether it’s a book club, fitness class, card games or happy hour event, seniors need a social life to enjoy their independence and remain healthy and happy.  Studies have shown that those who stay busy with a lot of social interaction remain the happiest and healthiest.

3. Sense of accomplishment: An academic history course, painting classes or creative writing classes offer seniors an opportunity to learn something new and enjoy a sense of accomplishment. As the saying goes – it’s never too late to learn something new… and enjoy it!

4. Mental stimulation: Regardless of what type of social activity a senior chooses to participate in – it will be new, exciting and mentally stimulating.  Many studies have proven that seniors who remain socially active go through memory loss at a significantly slower rate.

5. Physical exercise: From Thai Chi for balance, group exercise to “walk & shop,” residents in senior communities have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of physical and social activities experience a much slower rate of physical decline compared to people who are physically and socially inactive according to The Archives of Internal Medicine.

Studies have proven the health benefits of living in a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) – seniors who live in a CCRC are more satisfied with their daily lives than their contemporaries who remain in their home.  Human beings by nature are social creatures. Throughout life, from early childhood to adulthood and into our senior years, we need social interaction of others in order to lead a happy, balanced life. It is not surprising that as we age socializing with others becomes even more important.  That’s why a continuing care retirement community, like Buena Vida Estates, provides a wealth of opportunities for residents to interact, get to know each other and participate in activities that not only improve their physical health, but provide enormous emotional benefits as well. An important feature and amenity of a retirement community is the social interaction it provides residents.
Social activities in retirement communities help mental health, physical health and wellness.

Buena Vida Estates is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, continuing care retirement community, located in West Melbourne.  Buena Vida has designed a “LifeLong Wellness” Program that helps protect the residents’ physical wellness, social wellness, intellectual wellness and spiritual wellness. The program enables residents to participate in as many activities that they want, try new activities, and develop new friendships, according to Debby Curl, Director of Resident Enrichment.  It only takes being in the presence of others to lift a person’s spirit says Debby.

Buena Vida Estates has been serving the community and providing a continuum of care and peace of mind for over 30 years.  It is the only CCRC in Brevard County. “After all, it’s not only about adding years to your life – it’s about adding life to your years,” says Doreen Boudreau, Director of Marketing.  “Our residents enjoy independent, care-free living and no longer worry about the financial security, the rising cost of health care, property taxes/insurances and home maintenance costs.  They have the peace of mind knowing that their continuing care contract provides a life-long agreement to live at Buena Vida,” says Doreen.

The Wellness Resource Center at Buena Vida Estates is managed by Marianna Zelenak, DO, Board Certified in Internal Medicine with a focus in Geriatrics. She is part of Family Home Physicians group. “We are devoted to the promotion of healthy living as well as the prevention of illness and disease,” Marianna said. Family Home Health Services will provide home health services, which includes physical therapy and occupational therapy, speech therapy and nursing care to residents.  Solaris Rehab will be partnering to provide “Part B” services.  This all ties in with Buena Vida’s philosophy “the GOOD LIFE means… Securing the health and wellness service you deserve.”

BuenaVida Estates is located at 2129 West New Haven Avenue, West Melbourne. Visit or call (321) 724-0060 to learn more about their facility and programs.